Joni Mitchell

Label: Elektra/Asylum
Reviewer: Thijs from Groesbeek, Gelderland Netherlands
This record takes some time to sink in if you are familiar with Joni's better known work like Blue, Court And Spark, THOSL and Hejira. Some of those albums have some jazz-vibe but this album is incredible sparse with music written by the late jazz musician Charles Mingus and lyrics from Joni. Two songs are written only by Joni herself because Mingus died before the project was completed. There are also a couple of raps with dialogue from the birthday of Mingus and other unknown people. Joni's voice sounds really on her peak here, not as high and screechy as on her first albums, and not so smokey and mature as on her later releases. Great musicians like Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and ofcourse Jaco Pastorius lend their talents to this album. This is not a good introduction to Joni's work and surtainly not her best work, but if you want to explore the lesser-known work from Joni, give this album a go and you will be amazed by the riks this artist is willing to take. Instead of making music for the masses, Joni went her own way and creates something that's still original, even after 24 years!
1. Happy Birthday 1975 [Rap]
2. God Must Be a Boogie Man
3. Funeral [Rap]
4. Chair in the Sky
5. Wolf That Lives in Lindsey
6. I's a Muggin' [Rap]
7. Sweet Sucker Dance
8. Coin in the Pocket (Rap)
9. Dry Cleaner from des Moines
10. Lucky (Rap)
11. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat