Valdy Viva Valdy: Live at Last

Released in 2003
Produced by Valdy & Norman MacPherson
This two-CD set consists of one CD of live concert recordings and a second CD of studio recordings. 2 CDs, 25 songs; 13 live, 12 tracked

"The 12 tunes on the Studio disc are multi-track productions, with great players, sweet BGs, a few parts flown in on the net, hard disks lugged up and down the 401 to various studios; Logic audio on a dual processor G4 through a Motu 2408, it's all good stuff, great software," asserts Valdy, "and it has helped Norm and I make a really decent recording."

Now, doesn't that sound Canadian?

This is the best recording work Valdy has ever done with keen songwriting, assertive vocals, marvelous textures; this disc should be this good, after the years Valdy's been recording. Maturing as an artist, it would appear, does not include backing away from the edge.

Viva Valdy: Live at Last,

the Live CD: "No Overdubs, No Second Takes!" joined by

Gary Fjellgaard on 3 songs.

the Studio CD: "No Effects; well, Not Many!" 10 new songs,

2 songs reprised, including "Play Me a Rock 'n' Roll Song."

"The original intent was to do the same tunes both live and in studio, yet with so many songs to document, the content shifted to who I am today, and I want to give these tunes some shelf life, let them be heard, et voila! Viva Valdy: Live at Last. Hope you enjoy these tunes."

from Valdy's website

1. Yes I Can (3:52)
2. Stars (4:00)
3. Abdication Blues (2:51)
4. Hard Rain (2:44)
5. Killer Bees (3:34)
6. Daddy's Okay (3:51)
7. Rosie (3:35)
8. Goodness Knows (3:32)
9. Boys of Rhythm (4:09)
10. Turned Down Flat (4:05)
11. Scruffy Dudes (3:48)
12. King of the Road (2:33)
13. An Islander (2:10)


1. Kathryn (1:58)
2. Woo You (3:03)
3. Cold Water Castle (2:56)
4. Bland New Shoes (2:57)
5. Bad Kid (3:27)
6. Starlight Lounge (3:50)
7. Buddhists on Saltspring (3:22)
8. Odd Way (2:40)
9. Rock 'n Roll Song (3:23)
10. Candy Store (3:10)
11. Whales (2:46) 12. Real Men (3:13)