Valdy Smorgasbard

Style: Folk
Released: 1997
Recorded: Regina & Salt Spring
Label: Rack-on-Tour

This collection contains previously unreleased masters from an eleven year period. There's such a wide assortment of styles here, I called it a dog's breakfast, to which my wife Kathleen replied "It's a smorgasbord." She quickly changed that to SmorgasBard. The fare includes a rare duet on Double Solitaire with Senator Tommy Banks. This disc was recorded and mixed with Greg Pauker at Saltspring's Sculpture Sound

1. stay for the fire
2. scruffy dudes
3. she's in love with the boy

4. wedding walt's/amore
5. roll man roll
6. hockey night in Canada
7. get a haircut dad
8. peace of mind
9. double solitaire
10.daddy's shadow
11.speed of the sound of loneliness
12.silent passage