Ocean of Dreams

I have lived 10 years on the West Coast of Canada and I am still amazed by the incredible scenery of this part of the world. The different landscapes and colours of this beautiful environment have influenced and shaped how my music has evolved. The Ocean particularly, has inspired me with the creation of many of the songs you will hear in this CD. I invite you to sail through my musical journey.
1. Ocean of Dreams
(Rodrigo Figueroa)
2. African Skies
(Rodrigo Figueroa)
3. Reflexiones
(Rodrigo Figueroa)
4 Summer Breeze
(Rodrigo Figueroa)
5. Quisiera ser tu Sombra
(To Digna and Islania)
(Hector Quatromano)
6. Road to Chile
(Rodrigo Figueroa)
7. Jazz 101
(Rodrigo Figueroa)
8. Reflexiones
(Rodrigo Figueroa)
9. Entre dos Aguas
(De Lucia, Paco Francisco,Sanchez Gomez Torregrosa,
Alcaraz J.)
10. The sailing of the Black Irish
(Song for Julie)
(Rodrigo Figueroa