Brad Howland
Northern Soundings

Music for Trombone by Canadian Composers

Mr. Howland's first solo CD, with Frances Perriam on piano, Darren Buhr on double bass, and the Pacific Trombone Quartet

"Northern Soundings is a fine recording of both solo and ensemble music for trombone by Canadian composers. Trombonist Brad Howland, who serves as the soloist, quartet leader and producer, has gathered an assortment of compositions along with a refined group of musicians to present a quality recording. The CD cover design is crisp and clean and the selection order is presented like a well planned recital...he represents these works by Canadian composers with admirable musicianship." ...Online Trombone Journal

1. Elizabeth Raum - Processional Fanfare
(trombone quartet) 2:38
Greg Furlong - Sonata
(trombone & piano)
2. Allegro, energico 3:41
3. Reflectively 4:23
4. Vivace 3:47
Malcolm Forsyth - Quartet 61
(trombone quartet)
5. Ostinato: Andantino 2:47
6. Adagio con moto 3:02
7. Vivace, alla burlesca 1:46
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8. Steve Tittle - The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore
(trombone & double bass) 9:52
9. Elizabeth Raum - Fantasy
(trombone & piano) 6:14
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Kevin Thompson - Canadian Folk Song Suite
(trombone quartet)
10. Bien Travailler-Alouette, Moto Perpetuo 1:55
11. She's Like The Swallow 2:56
12. The Kelligrews Soiree 3:46
Robert Jones - Chorale Preludes
(trombone & piano)
13. Largo e pesante 2:49
14. Andante moderato 2:56
15. Andante 3:13