Rosemary Beland
The Tinkers' Wedding

Hammer Dulcimer Recordings

"Being a musical journey through a time and place that belongs in some Celtic world, far and away and as long ago as yesterday. Rosemary's beautiful melodies married perfectly into the old story of the Tinkers' Wedding. Here's a gift of magic!" - Will Millar ot the Irish Rovers.

Arranged for hammer dulcimer, celtic harp, guitar, oboe, cello, and penny whistle
Musicians - Rosemary Beland, Denis Donnelly, Michael Byrne, Mark Rodgers, Will Millar, John Ellis
1. The Tinkers' Wedding
2. In The Forest
3. Dialogue with a Brook
4. Lament
5. Annie Laurie/Banks & Braes of Bonnie
6. Fairy Queen/King of the Fairies
7. Pattie's Jig/Haste to the Wedding
8. Scarbrough Fair/Susie McQuire
9. St Basil's Hymn/Rights of Man
10. Gypsy Mirage
11. Give Me Your Hand
12. Triumphant Return