Dennis Lakusta Suusa's Room

Dennis' fourth C.D., entitled " Suusa's Room ", was released in the fall of 2000.

"Suusa's Room", recorded at the CKUA Edmonton Studios, is Dennis Lakusta's third CD. Contributing to the project was a fine line up of Canadian Musicians. Included on the CD are Lester Quitzau, Ron Bankley, Bonnie Gregory, Saskia Munroe, Terry Nasdadia and Mike Sadava. The album was engineered, mixed and mastered by CKUA's own Dan Cherwoniak.

Suusa's Room covers a wide berth of subject matter including road songs '18 Wheels, Little Bit Like A Train", humorous songs "Value Village Song" and "Blackie", songs with depth an intensity "Flying Things" and aboriginal issues "Against All Odds - Sixteen". "Suusa's Room", the title track, was written for a friend of Dennis', who lives on the west coast.

Suusa's Room
Fly Things
Against All Odds
Value Village Shuffle
A Little Bit Like a Train
Marisa Blackie
18 Wheels