Will Millar Celtic Seasons of Enchantment

CD (May 5, 1998)
Original Release Date May 5, 1998

Will Millar, former leader of the Irish Rovers and special guest harpist Derek Bell of the Chieftains, depart on an enchanting journey through ceremonies and magical seasons of the old Celtic Calendar. Weaving its musical way through the changing seasons of the Pagan calendar according to moon cycles, this CD comes very highly recommended to all lovers of traditional Celtic music and ceremonies.
Free Celtic Moon Calendar inside each CD.

This CD is a wonderful collection of traditional Celtic sounds set to the ever-changing cycle of the Celtic calendar. The Uillean piece(track #10)played by young Northern Irish piper Patrick Davey is particularly haunting and will touch the souls of any Celts (and others) who listen to it! Apparently Will Millar (former leader of the Irish Rovers) travelled the length and breadth of Northern Ireland to record much of this CD, contending heroically with the sound of British army helicopters on patrol over remote farm houses along the Border, sudden eruptions of pneumatic road drilling in the midst of recording on quiet Ulster Sunday afternoons, and well-meaning but infuriating interruptions by ever-hospitable Irish mothers offering endless "wee cups o'tay" to their musician sons and guests in mid-recording! The result, blended with some superb piano playing by Phil Newns and electric guitar from David Gogo, both of Vancouver Island, Canada, is a veritable modern-era Celtic treasure! Slainte, Will!

1. Pleasant Plain/The Hills of Navan/The Red Branch Hail
2. Patrick's Silver Dagger/Among the Hazel Woods/Ossian in Tir Na N'Oge/TH
3. Coulin
4. Queen of the Western Land/Spirit Stones
5. Fairy Child Waking
6. Fairy Wind/Lament of Etrinn/The Devil Among the Virgins
7. Lagan Enchantments
8. Druids Winter
9. Among the Hazel Woods [Reprise]/Yule Feast at Dunseverick
10. Piper Sidhe Bodb Derg