Romi Mayes
On The Road In 2 days

Romi Mayes, female Country Blues and Bluegrass player, sings songs that tell the stories of her travels across Canada and the people she met along the way. Anyone close to Romi will tell you she is a straight ahead character with no fear of the truth. A little bit of grit and the road less travelled are a part of her and her performances. With an acoustic guitar and a voice true and simple, Romi breathes fresh new life into her genre and helps us find hope with her subtle sarcastic humour and witty stories.  All political correctness aside, Romi isn't just a chic with a guitar- she plays guitar like a guy but sings sweet and heartfelt like only a woman can. Her songs contain a kind of sympathy and honesty that are true to Country Blues and Bluegrass but they maintain a contemporary to appeal to all ages, as well.