Spirit of the West
Hit Parade

Hit Parade marks the culmination of our recording contract with Warner Music Canada. We are one of the rare bands who actually fulfilled such a long and parsimonious relationship with a large and somewhat unwieldy label.

This set of songs was compiled with much discussion between the band and the executives at Warner, to whom kudos belong for being so patient and accomodating of the band's wishes.

The cover graphics was overseen by Vince, who appears on the centre of the front as the drummer of his father's band in Lethbridge AB at the age of 6.

There are four songs from the Open Heart Symphony sessions, which were mixed especially for this compilation, and appear nowhere else. "That's Amore" features Vince on vocals ...

1. Canadian Skye
2. Rites of Man
3. Wishing Line
4. Unplugged
5. Williamson's Garage
6. Sadness Grows
7. 5 Free Minutes
8. Bone of Contention
9. D For Democracy
10. Goodbye Grace
11. Puttin' Up With the Joneses
12. And if Venice is Sinking
13. Save This House
14. Home for a Rest
*15. Political
*16. That's Amore
*17. And if Venice is Sinking
*18. The Crawl