Eileen McGann Turn It Around


"One of the top ten recordings of the year. Delivered with a beautiful ballad-mezzo, her melodies seem timeless and traditional, but the lyrics are urgently modern. She could be Canada's next big songwriter." -The Boston Globe

"This is absolutely one of the finest, most well produced albums I've heard in recent times. Beautiful!" - Mark Hauser, Music Director, Vermont Public Radio

Mary Anderson - Harp
Dan Brodbeck - Percussion
Ken Brown - Mandolin, Flute, Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Ian Goodfellow - Pennywhistles
Grit Laskin - Concertina, Cittern, Northumbrian Pipes, Harmony Vocals
Anne Lederman - Four and Five String Fiddle
Eileen McGann - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar
Cathy Miller - Harmony Vocals
Garnet Rogers- Violin
David Woodhead - Fretless and Fretted Bass, DX7

Turn it Around
The Fair Flower of Northumberland
Requiem (for the Giants)
Tiree Love Song
Leaving this Nation
Westminster Bridge
The Parting
The Knight of the Rose