Zorah Staar
Pagan Pop

Style: Folk
Released: 2000
Producers: Zorah Staar & Adrian Schamberger
Recorded: Nomad Music, Salt Spring Island








Zorah Staar is a singer/songwriter who makes "pagan pop," also described as "radically-uplifting New Age music that rocks and bops and boogies you across the dance floor." Her songs blend lyrics about love, the earth and age-old pagan themes with wild new pop, disco and Celtic rock sounds, plus some gentler ballads.

Staar's music could be described as an infectious fusion somewhere between Tori Amos and Loreena McKennitt, all ecstatically played by Zorah (on guitar and piano) and the other musicians on her CD.

The two main musicians on the CD are multi-instrumentalist Adrian Schamberger, who's played with the Rheostatics and many others, and percussionist John Hildebrand, formerly of the Celtic funk band Mad Pudding.