Little Marty & the Juke Joint Orchestra
Jump Back

Style: Swing/Blues
Released: 2001
Producers: Dave Davies & Little Marty
Recorded: At GSC Records, Salt Spring Island
Label: GSC Records Inc.







"Little Marty", otherwise known as Martin Scott Lewis, has been around the blues/swing scene for years. An accomplished mouth harp player, he has sat in with many luminaries, including King Biscuit Boy, Cousin Harley and Michael Kaeshammer.

Marty also plays a mean tub bass, keeping this impossible instrument in perfect pitch while climbing all over it! It's funky, and it's entertaining! If you're looking for something that swings, yet has all the punch of a modern recording, this is the album for you!

On this project, Little Marty has pulled together some awesome talent, including:

Michael Kaeshammer, the acknowledged prince of modern jazz and boogie woogie. Check out Kaeshammer's recordings on ALMA Records.

"Cousin Harley" (Paul Pigat) - a modern day Django Rienhart. Cousin Harley recorded with "The Smoking Jackets", but now has his own group called "Cousin Harley and the Piglets".

Damian Graham - touring drummer with Micheal Kaeshammer, and recording artist in his own right.Check out his self-produced indie CD.

Brent Streeper - Keyboardist for Frank Sinatra, Vic Damone, Sonny Bono, Dianne Carroll. Brent is a GSC Records session artist, and is featured on several GSC recordings. He is currently playing in the southern United States, and will be bringing out his own recordings later this year.

Gene Hardy - Sax player for Colin James.

Pete Turland - bass player for The Ray Condo Band.

Equally talented and also on this album are:

Ken Wilson, Al Pease, Paul Wainwright, Mike Broadley, Jeff Agopsowicz, Ted Hickford, Conrad Koke, Bruce Smith, Jamie MacDonnell, Bill Dawson, Bob Brodeur, Simone Grasky, and Sandra Proffitt.

Classics such as "Jack, I'm Mellow" by Trixie Smith, and "How Big Can you Get?" by Cab Calloway are beautifully balanced by original tunes by Little Marty.

For instance, the title song, "Jump Back", is SO forties in it's energy and it's style, yet Little Marty wrote while the band was in the studio recording! It is an excellent example of his passion for this music, combining the best of vintage sound with the best of today's swing/jump music.

"You Hypnotize My Blues" is a contemporary, yet classic-sounding harp song in the style of Little Walter. It's played exceptionally well on some of the same equipment that Little Walter used to record.

If you like Swing music, you'll like this CD.
If you like Jump swing music, you'll like this CD even more.
If you like to dance, you'll love this CD.
If you like great playing, you'll go crazy over this CD!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Dave Davies
GSC Records, Inc.

1. How Big Can You Get? (4:00)
Jump Back (2:42)
Jack, I'm Mellow (3:15)
Chicago Boogie (2:53)
5. I'm A Young Rooster (2:42)
6. Flying Saucer (2:46)
7. Boogie Woogie Blues (2:38)
8. No Hunger No More (6:39)
9. Jumpin' Jive (2:47)
10. Mumble's Blues (2:19)
11. My Kind of Baby (3:05)
12. You Hypnotize My Blues (6:19)