Auntie Kate
Food For Thought

& The Uncles of Funk







If Auntie Kate is the heart & soul of the band, then surely Uncle Tom, aka Tom Bowler, covers most of the other body parts. Guitarist, vocalist, song writer, producer, tour manager, you name it, Tom is probably doing it! Here are some other Uncles: Tommy Knowles, "Buffalo" Saunders, Brian Scott, on BASS; Daryll Havers, Robbie King, Brendan Hedley, Ron Casat, Graham Guest on KEYS; Loren Etkin, Phil Wipper, Joe Kovacs, Andresz Ryszka, Cory Papirny on DRUMS; Graham Howell, Brock Miller, Dave Babcock, Mike Clarke, Gene Hardy on SAX to name just a few.