John Bottomley
Library of the Sun

Enter through the red door
there are two corridors and nine doors
each room has one song
stay in a room until each song finishes....

Coming out of a band called Tulpa(which is Buddist for Imaginary friend given to you at birth)who were together for 10 years and did 2 recordings in the 1980's.
Mosaic Fish and Live at CBGB's in New York.

I left the band and drove through the Southern States and
all the way across Canada.I did about 150 gigs playing in all sorts of Backwood bars and also major cities like New York.
I slept mostly in the back of my car,and on friends couches.
This is the recording that set me on a journey i am still on 13 years later.Its very different being a solo artist than playing in a band.Its a different journey..
1. Barkeeper
2. Bones
3. She lay down By the water
4. Corridor 1
5. In Solitude
6. Days in the City
7. Corridor 2
8. Library of the Sun
9. Druid's Map
10. Little Red Wagon
11. Nightfishing