John Bottomley The Crown Of Life









These songs are about elevation,about inspiration,about action.

In an age where we are force-fed by the media and the music industry,singers with there own voices are needed now more than ever.
Here is one.

The Island in September.

On the isle a relentless wind comes-a life force.
In search of undiscovered sound
an unknown language and the royal doors of sweet breath
in search of freshly created things.

Swimming in the golden zone
the bells of the forest rang in the mountains
the grey ships rowed in
where the rank of the white gardenias bloomed upon the shore
the sapphire hour was brilliant
the peasants here were noble and royal
a poet played on an elvish harp
in the key of love
the spirit bears,snow lions,elk,unicorns
and dolphins came in from the wild lands

The song forbids victorious deeds to die
to this no star be dark

The world advanced.......

Later the summer moon came up over the silver tips of the
forest to listen more clearly and celebrate.

What is this she said so fair and pleasing...........

1. The Island in September
2. You Never Can Be Old
3. Silver Leaf
4. Just How You Like It
5. Gallery of Eagles
6. Beauty
7. Pixies By The White Spring
8. Golden Age
9. I Am The Fire
10.Be Here Now