Ron Mason
Move The Earth

Diverse, rootsy, blues, bluegrass and folk weave through strong story based songs about real people working in early twentieth centruy factories. Joy, struggle and art connects our lives to those who came before us.
The inspiration for Move the Earth came as a result of being immersed in the historical surroundings of the Historic Clay District, a national historic site highlighting early 20th century industrial pottery in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. As the Education Coordinator at the site I continue to research its heritage, I have had the opportunity to interview and befriend many former employees who worked in the industry from the late 1930s to the 1980s, I spend my workdays in the inspiring spaces of the 1912 Medalta Potteries factory buildings. I continue to learn the art of pottery from many extraordinary contemporary ceramic artists. These experiences have been deeply moving and have given me a true appreciation for the rich heritage of my chosen home and the people who founded, built, and continue to make it great.

Many of the songs on the Move The Earth CD were born after meeting former employees of the industry or people deeply committed to preserving its heritage. I hope these songs will enlighten, entertain and inspire others to find the magic in their own heritage whatever it may be.
1. Friends of the Factory
2. The Center
3. Harry's Run
4. Jack's Wheels
5. Move the Earth
6. Jiggerman's Groove
7. The Coffee Break
8. Colourful Years
9. The Decorator
10. Ruben's Rebellion
11. Yuill's Lament
12. The Factorys goin' Downtown