Bobbi Schram Terminal Station

Bobbi Schram is a singer/songwriter on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Bobbi's been writing, singing, playing piano and guitar for quite a number of years. Only in the past few years she has been playing for larger audiences.

Bobbi decided a couple of years ago to have some songs recorded, and went shopping for a studio. Raincoast Studio in Nanaimo was the one. Recording engineer Jerry Paquette took on the project, and now there is a full length cd with 14 of Bobbi's origional songs. Almost 2 years later!

Most are on piano, a few on guitar, some have violin, cello, and some percussion. Most are laid back, easy listening songs.

The title of the CD is actually a song within it.  "Terminal Station", is about a homeless man laying on a bench in the park out front of the main train station in Vancouver.

So, sit back and relax, hope you enjoy!

1 Rocky Shores
2 Island Clouds
3 Sun at My Place
4 Stanley
5 Thoughts of Anything
6 Terminal Station
7 Calling of High
8 Ruckle Park
9 Dream Visions
10 Friend
11 Young Men
12 Valentine
13 Lake Song
14 Coalmen