Andrea Smith Sweet Embrace

With the release of her newest cd 'Sweet Embrace' Andrea has experienced a surge in popularity and recognition for her songwriting skills, not to mention her fabulous vocal work on the album. The album features the best of west coast musicians including, Phil Dwyer, Pat Coleman, Ken Lister, Pat Steward, Dave Gogo, Todd Sacerty, Rick Salt, Miles Black and Tina Jones. With an indie label ( and national distribution, this island girl is indeed on her way to great things.


"...A new bright light on the local music scene, Andrea Smith is a powerful and expressive vocalist as well as an excellent guitar player. Her original songs are catchy, rhythmic and very lyrically creative. To add to her talents she has a genuine magnetic personality and is a polished professional performer. I play her music regularly on my show as do others at CHLY here in Nanaimo. Andrea is on her way to great things musically."

B. Hazelbower Programmer CHLY Radio, Nanaimo

1: Sweet Embrace - 3:33
2: This Time - 5:04
3: Thrift Store Coat - 6:23
4: Weary - 4:38
5: Monashee Breeze - 3:37
6: Closest thing to Maybe - 3:59
7: Breathing - 4:24
8: Tracks of Life - 3:35
9: Earl - 3:59
10: I Don't Wanna Wait - 3:52
11: Coolest Guy - 4:20
12: God Said - 5:37