David Gogo Vibe

David Gogo's seventh album, entitled Vibe, is an all-original affair with a unique blend of songs written with the likes of Tom Wilson, Craig Northey (The Odds/Colin James) and John Capek, who has penned the hit "Rhythm of My Heart" for Rod Stewart. Vibe showcases Gogo's newfound vocal strengths, on songs like "I'll Do Anything" and "300 Pound Shoes", which on this release, match his profound skill on guitar.

Recorded in his hometown, Nanaimo, BC, Vibe is co-produced by David and his longtime engineer, Rick Salt. Renowned guitarist, Jeff Healey makes a guest appearance with a blistering guitar solo on "She's All Right". Friend and co-writer Tom Wilson also lends his talent with backing vocals on "Love In The City".

1. Love in the City 
2. Hit Me from Above
3. 300 Pound Shoes
4. Hey Juanita
5. I'd Do Anything
6. Silk and Stone
7. Cry Harder
8. Something Ain't Right
9. She's Alright
10. Why Don't You Show Me