bass, sweat & tears

Gaudi’s first album Bass, Sweat and Tears is an organic fusion of dub and nu-beat with a hint of psychedelia. It is inspired by native cultures from around the world and takes the listener on a journey from Burkina Faso in Africa to Iran, Pakistan and Northern India, from Papua New Guinea and the Amazon rain forest to Italy and Spain. Bass, Sweat and Tears is an evocative, deep and elegant work in which indigenous themes and global beats contrast and compliment each other.

Bass, Sweat & Tears has been the best selling Interchill release to date, with units continuing to move worldwide at a steady rate.

An awesome album, excellent production!
Massive Attack
A magical and lovely journey, a great album, I love it!
DJ Ravin - Buddha Bar Music Producer

It sounds like shards of shattering golden light. Gaudi’s music has a magic, soul and passion!
Youth - Artist/Music Producer

1 tribalove
2 sufani
3 dub it
4 babylon flamenco(feat. ojos de brujo)
5 ayahuasca deep fall
6 chaine a chaine
7 ci fice lu mundu
8 native dub
9 tutta pe’ me
10 ...and the earth said: oh my god!
11 kimiyaa e moraad
12 theremystical
13 meena
14 truthful old man
15 chant thermique