Lilith Fair A Celebration Of Women In Music

Label: Arista Records
Released: Apr 28, 1998

2 CD in like NEW Condition

Includes liner notes by Sarah McLachlan.1997 was the year femme-rock broke, and this is the official souvenir. When the year began, Sarah McLachlan was a mildly popular Canadian singer-songwriter who was roundly laughed at when she suggested she tour with a couple of other women; so instead she toured with dozens of women and ended up changing the very face (and body) of the rock-concert industry. The 25 tracks on this two-disc set, recorded live at various stops on McLachlan's inaugural Lilith Fair tour, make it clear why. This is great singer-songwriter rock, performed with verve and passion by a circle of folk, pop and rock acts who seem to know they're on the eve of discovery.Most of the players are singer-songwriters like McLachlan, but there are wild cards thrown in--lounge-rockers the Cardigans, alterna-rocker Meredith Brooks, new-wave vet Susanna Hoffs (who does her Bangles hit "Eternal Flame" ). Quite a few of these artists had career breakthroughs while the tour was in progress; to hear McLachlan and Jewel joining femme pioneers the Indigo Girls on "The Water Is Wide" is to hear a torch being happily passed on.

Artists: Abra Moore, Autour De Lucie, Dar Williams, Dayna Manning, Indigo Girls, Jewel (Pop), Joan Osborne, Lhasa, Lisa Loeb, Meredith Brooks, Patty Griffin, Paula Cole, Sarah McLachlan, September 67, Shawn Colvin, Susanna Hoffs, Suzanne Vega, Tara MacLean, The Cardigans, Tracy Bonham, Various Artists, Victoria Williams, Wild Colonials, Wild Strawberries, Yungchen Lhamo

1. Mississippi - Paula Cole
2. Scooter Boys - Indigo Girls
3. Sur Tes Pas - Autour de Lucie
4. Been It - The Cardigans
5. I Want - Dayna Manning
6. Four Leaf Clover - Abra Moore
7. Falling In Love - Lisa Loeb
8. Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner, The - September 67
9. El Payande - Lhasa
10. Eternal Flame - Susanna Hoffs
11. Rock In This Pocket (Song Of David) - Suzanne Vega
12. Ladder - Joan Osborne
13. Building A Mystery - Sarah McLachlan

1. Water Is Wide - Indigo Girls/Jewel/Sarah McLachlan
2. Going Back To Harlan - Emmylou Harris
3. Wash My Hands - Meredith Brooks
4. Cain - Patty Griffin
5. I Don't Want To Think About It - Wild Strawberries
6. What Do You Hear In These Sounds - Dar Williams
7. Trouble - Shawn Colvin
8. Lama Dorje Chang - Yungchen Lhamo
9. One, The - Tracy Bonham
10. Charm - Wild Colonials
11. Hold Me Jordan - Tara MacLean
12. Periwinkle Sky - Victoria Williams