Hardcore '81

This is a brand new, still-sealed CD that came out on Sudden Death Records awhile back (Canadian Import)! ESSENTIAL PUNK ROCK! Considered by many to be the band's classic release. D.O.A. was already a band to be reckoned with on their first three singles and debut, "Something Better Change", but they went for the jugular on Hardcore '81, producing a rare and astonishing moment in punk rock history. Features their best line-up (Chuck Biscuits on drums) and favorites like "Slumlord" and "My Old Man's A Bum".

1. D.O.A.
2. Unknown
3. Slumlord
4. Musical Interlude
5. I Don't Give A ....
6. M.C.T.F.D.
7. Communication Breakdown
8. 001 Losers Club
9.------ Up Baby
10. The Kenny Blister Song
11. Smash The State
12. My Old Man's A Bum
13. Bloodsucker Baby
14. Waiting For You