Christmas On The Coast Various Artists

Out Of Print
Issued only in cassette format
Label:JR Country Radio 93.7 - Canada

Currently Unavailable

RARE 1988 Christmas Benefit Cassette

This is an ultra rare Christmas cassette issued only in Canada by the Vancouver’s country radio station JR Country. This was sold in 1988 as a benefit to raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital. You’d be hard pressed to find this Christmas collection anywhere.

Gary Fjellgard – Christmas On The Coast
Heidi Marlaine – Christmas Is Coming
Rocky Swanson – Rock Along Christmas
Lori Jordan – Our First Christmas Together
Alibi – The Children Are Christmas
Sue Medley – Stardust Memories
Valdy – All Throughout The Year
Patricia Conroy- I Still Believe (In Christmas Day)
Bootleg – Rocky Mountain Christmas
Anne Lord – Snow White Prairie
Jess Lee – Pretty Paper
Dianne Kauffman – Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me