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Viva Viva!

released December 5, 1998

Only 1 used cd available in (near new) condition

"Viva VIVA!" is the apt title of the VIVA Choir's first compact disk, released December 5, 1998. Artistic Director Connie Foss More has selected the best examples from the choir's first 10 years, making the CD a "hit parade" of this treble choir's favourite international folk music and art music recordings. Venues range from Victoria's St. Andrew's Cathedral to London's Church of St-Martin-in-the-Fields and include some international competition performances.

·  Laudamus te (Gloria) - Antonio Vivaldi, arr. Martens

·  Herr Gott Vater Cantata 37 - J.S. Bach, arr. Rao

·  Sanctus (Messe basse) - Gabriel Fauré, arr.Mason

·  Agnus Dei (Missa brevis, C minor) - Imant Raminsh*

·  In Flanders Fields - Helen Litz*

·  Sound the Trumpet - Henry Purcell, arr. C. More*

·  The Nightingale - Thomas Weelkes, arr. Leslie

·  Berceuse du petit zébu - Jacques Ibert

·  Song of the Stars - Imant Raminsh*

·  Aglepta - Arne Mellnäs

·  Cat and Dog - Miklós Kocsár

·  Hummingbirds - Megan Jane Scott, text Claudia Hilton*

·  Ah! si mon moine voulait danser (Canada) - Donald Patriquin, arr.*

·  I'm Goin' Up a-Yonder (USA) - Hawkins and Sirvatka

·  Madarak voltunk (Hungary) - Zoltán Kodály

·  Túrót ëszik a cigány (Hungary) - Zoltán Kodály, arr.

·  Zwa Sterndel (Austria) - Madeleine Humer, arr.*

·  Joban Tanko Bushi (Japan) - Wendy Bross Stuart, arr.*

·  Siyahamba (S. Africa) - Henry Leck, arr.

·  Good Night (Russia) - Doreen Rao, arr.

·  Weather Canon - W.A. Mozart, arr. Gardner

·  Dodi Li (Israel) - Nira Chen, arr. Rao

·  She's Like the Swallow (Canada) - C. Cassils and C. More, arr.*

·  Oliver Cromwell - Benjamin Britten

* = Canadian composer or arranger
Viva VIVA! - VICD-001