Show Business Giants
Let's Have A Talk With The Dead


1 used cd in excellent condition

Tom Holliston, now better known as the current guitarist for NoMeansNo, indeed has this mad genius look about him. Those black rimmed glasses and crazy hair are obvious indications that something slightly demented is going on inside that head of his. Show Business Giants were and are his original band, although a revolving cast of characters and cohorts make it appear to be a side project of sorts. Essentially anyone who is anyone in the Vancouver scene appears on Show Business records. Moreover, the band is a cavalcade of misinformation and complete tomfoolery, perhaps a bit more literally in this case.

1. The First Pygmy In Space
2. Mothra Has Taken Tokyo
3. Sugartown
4. Vampire Hookers
5. Ace & Joan
6. Soundcheck
7. Anything But Love
8. I've Got A Crush On Wendy Mesley
9. Good-bye, Luftwaffe Girl
10. She Called Me Pete
11. Primate Boogie
12. I've Got Gingivitis
13. I Can't Get Russell Johnson Off My Mind
14. I Am The Lickspittle Of The Animal Kingdom
15. Big In Real Estate
16. The Other Side Of Mr. Sulu
17. Fireball X-15
18. Wake Up & Roar, Bachelor God