Show Business Giants
Maybe It's Just Me


These guys need no introduction to NoMeansNo afacionados - NMN guitarist Tom Holliston's side project, hilarious, musically brilliant. With a revolving cast that has included such luminaries as Scott Henderson, John Wright, Ford Pier, and more.

They say genius is often misunderstood. For instance, Albert Einstein worked at a patent office until he finally stole the theory of relativity from a Dr. Smith and then ran off with the formulas. Fame naturally followed him, despite slamming God's head in an oven and stealing the formula for life on earth. The Show Business Giants are very much in the same boat as Einstein, only with somewhat shorter hair and less theft. Maybe It's Just Me is one of the two relatively easy to find discs by the Giants and is probably the best example of the band at their zany best. But even the most adventurous listeners are advised to give this one awhile to sink in. It's like calculus. On a whole, it's a mystifying entity, but if you break down into chapters and digest a little at a time, it makes sense. To a degree. I still haven't touched calculus since taking it as a freshman in college. In fact, all I ever needed to know was the arithmetic they taught me in grade school. Maybe it's just me, but I never built a bridge with calculus.

1. Fun To Work With Chuck
2. I'm A Square
3. I'm In A Love With A Guy Named Paul
4. Bats
5. My Slacks
6. Teeny Weeny Man
7. All Night Man
8. Soul Of A Woman
9. Story Of P
10. That Weiport Feeling
11. Acres Of Paper
12. The Things You Do
13. Crosswords
14. I Am The Yellow Fly
15. Pauline
16. Marvellous
17. Maybe It's Just Me
18. Mistakes Happen
19. Small Problem
20. Country Ride On Demerol
21. Baldwang Must Die
22. This World Is Too Crowded
23. Untitled
24. Ten Busy Little Men