Joni Mitchell
Came Upon a Child of God-a tribute

Original Release Date December 12, 2000
As a die-hard Joni fan, I look forward to all new Joni-related projects, whether created by the goddess herself or others. But this one is questionable at best. While not an unpleasant listen (if only as 'background' music), the genuine Mitchell devotee will likely find these covers bland and inadequate. The cover of Chinese Cafe (while offering an acceptable orchestration) is pretty dreadful. It's odd that the performing artists aren't even listed on the liner notes (well, there are no liner notes, really). Perhaps that is why the price is so low. I guess this one has two valid prospective groups of buyers: Joni fans who just have to have all Mitchell-related work or are curious about it; and people who like Joni Mitchell songs but don't like her voice (imagine!).

1. Big Yellow Taxi
2. This Flight Tonight
3. Both Sides Now
4. You Turn Me On
5. Woodstock
6. Chinese Cafe
7. Cary
8. Help Me
9. Chelsea Morning
10. River