Sex Mad /You Kill Me

Label: Alternative Tentacles

The Canada and UK pressings have the same songs. The USA pressing replaces "Hunt The She Beast" with "Love Thang". Some UK pressings also came on yellow vinyl. The CD features the US track sequence with "No Fgcnuik (original version)" and "Hunt The She Beast" and the You Kill Me 12" EP as bonus tracks

Combining the two releases on one CD, Sex Mad/You Kill Me makes for an edgy, thrashing release that shows the Canadians fully in charge of a frenetic post-punk style seemingly left for dead by many in the late '80s. "Sex Mad" itself calls up memories of everything from the Gang of Four to MX-80 Sound to the Minutemen and back again, and with that as a worthy combination to draw on indeed, the trio goes all out and doesn't stop. It might be a stretch to say that Nomeansno are somehow Rush-influenced, but then again, considering that both sets of Canadians can readily demonstrate their way around sudden time changes (check the instrumental "Obsessed" or the six-minute character portrait "Dead Bob"), it might not be as crazy as all that! Other classic rock nods include a bit from "Sunshine of Your Love" at one point and a full cover of "Manic Depression" from the You Kill Me days (meanwhile, the chorus of "Revenge" is perfectly anthemic stadium rock, and works on that level without a problem). Slightly more straight-up punk efforts crop up — "Dad," one of the most powerful, sounds like what would happen if the scenario of Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized" wasn't just about feeling petulant for lacking a Pepsi, to put it mildly. (Killer end touch — the baldly delivered line "I'm seriously considering leaving home.") The sometimes hoarse, higher-end singing sounds like what a less annoyed Henry Rollins would be been like in early Black Flag — or at least, a Rollins one could talk to without immediately being beat on. Thus, a song like "Self Pity," which manages the neat trick of addressing the titular topic without sounding like an example of same — and by turning into a near-apocalyptic collage of power riff rage.

1   Sex Mad      
2   Dad    
3   Obssessed      
4   Dead Bob      
5   Love Thang      
6   No Fgnuikc      
7   Self Pity     
8   Long Days     
9   Metronome    
10   Revenge      
11   No Fkuicgn     
12   Hunt the She Beast     
13   Body Bag      
14   Stop It     
15   Some Bodies     
16   Manic Depression    
17   Paradise