Irish Rovers Children of the Unicorn

Canadian CD edition on Attic records KACD 3000
or Original 1982 CD Release (only 1 available)

Originally Issued on LP in 1976
Label:Potato Records
Number:NC 445

Available on CD  or the ORIGINAL 1982 CD RELEASE (ULTRA RARE) (only 1 available)


1.Bun Worrier Twerp & Me
2.The Little Match Girl
3.The Fox
4.Kids Medley #1 This Old Man / Blue Tail Fly / Skip To My Lou / Ha, Ha This Away
5.Two Little Boys
6.Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser!
7.The Littlest Leprachaun
8.The Drover's Dream
9.The Unicorn
10.Purple People Eater
11.Puff The Magic Dragon
12.Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron
13.The Lollipop Tree
14.The Music Man
16.Jack & The Beanstock
17.Kids Medley #2 Boa Constrictor / Keep On The Sunnyside
18.Golden Slumbers
19.The Sandman
20.Morning Town Ride