Lester Quitzau

Lester Quitzau So Here We Are

Released January 4th, 2001
All songs written by Lester Quitzau, except 1 & 3, written by Morganfield.
Recorded at Wolf Willow Sound, Edmonton
Engineered by Joe Dunphy Mixed by Marek and Joe Dunphy
Assisted by Greg Johnson and Lester Quitzau
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto, ON
CD-ROM bonus track includes video footage of recording session. Bonus video filmed and edited by Dave Luxton.

Lester Quitzau A big Love

Released 1996

Hard To Find CD

Quitzau's blues world encompasses Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Chris Whitely in addition to John Lee Hooker, Blind Wille Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughn, and while this eclecticism might infuriate purists, it makes A Big Love one of the most inspired efforts ever to emerge from this country's blues scene. Like Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson, Quitzau is not afraid to jump from acoustic to slide sounds to ferocious 70's style riffing but he also delves into some more atmospheric areas, waxing playful and psychedelic.
Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

Lester Quitzau Keep On Walking

Released 1994

Rare Used CD in excellent condition

All songs written by Lester Quitzau, except "Room Full Of Mirrors (Jimi Hendrix), Lookin' For My Baby (Cooper/Hayrock), Someday Baby (Nixon/Estes), Rich Land Woman Blues (John Hurt), Saddle Up My Pony (C. Patton), and Your Heart (Lester Quitzau, Farley Scott)

Recorded in February 1994 at home, Ramsey Hall, and Crow Town Audio Productions.
Engineered by Bill Hobson and Lester Quitzau.
Mixed and edited by Jamie Kidd at Beta Sound Recorders.

This album was recorded "Au Naturel" with no additives or artificial flavours. All tracks were recorded live to DAT (no overdubs), with the exception of "Keep On Walking". The nature sounds on "Turkish Theme" were recorded by Lester in the spring of 1993. The birds are mating, singing "pick me, pick me". By recording it in relaxed atmosphere, with an emphasis on feeling and performance, we were able to come up with something very honest and real. The majority of the material came from an inspired session under the influence of the full moon.

Mae Moore & Lester Quitzau Oh My!

Poetical License
Produced by Lester Quitzau & Mae Moore
The first Time Lester Quitzau and Mae Moore performed together as a duo was opening for Taj Mahal in 2002. They were received with standing ovations. There was clearly electricity between them.
The chemistry is all the more interesting when each artist has already several cd's, with Juno nominations, and more than a dozen years into their own careers and personae. Mae and Lester come from varied and diverse backgrounds, but compliment each other, striking a perfect balance. Audiences immediately remark on their connection, an inspired collaboration in which the sum is greater than it's parts.
As Canadian solo artists, Mae Moore and Lester Quitzau have each defied simple catagories. Working today in the relative quiet of their west coast home, they are crafting a passionate acoustic sound. Lester brings his trademark groove and sweeping blues vocabulary, and Mae her acoustic jazz and familiar folk feel to this new project. This work finds both artists reaching new levels, making music with an openess and depth that only comes with maturity.
Lester has been described as "a mellow guy that throws down a heavy groove". In 1998, Lester was nominated for a Juno with his stunning second release, A Big Love, as it took blues where no one expected it to go. His songs have a way of sounding classic, yet fresh. He also performs as part of the Juno award winning trio, Tri-Continental, with Bill Bourne and Madagascar Slim.
For more details and dimensions, visit www.lesterq.com
Mae emerged from Ontario coffeehouses, moving to Vancouver into the 80's, where her music found a home in indie clubs as folk-rock-jazz. Her songwriting skills eventually landed her a deal with CBS Records and a Juno nomination for Oceanview Motel. Singles, "Watermark", "Bohemia" and "Genuine" established her as a standard and respected artist at Triple A radio in the US. After three releases and sales over 100,000, Mae returned to the indie route with her cd is, 'It's A Funny World'.

Tri Continental Lets Play

Here, Madagascar Slim, Bill Bourne and Lester Quitzau have again cooked up a wonderfully universal musical gumbo with many different ingredients. Their unique acoustic/electric style mixes blues, folk, songs, and various world beat strands and they also introduce a special guest: Ramesh Shotham, the Indian percussion master from Cologne. He adds to the "groove" factor of the music in many different ways. This group brings together individual talent and then creates the one quality that is indispensable for every musician — an individual and original sound. Those who have grown to love this sound — and those who want to finally discover it for themselves — will not be disappointed by LET’S PLAY.

Tri Continental Live

Released February 2002

TRI-CONTINENTAL LIVE CD set.  This is a 2 CD set and was played one time so the fold over box set with the great color photos and the CDs are in excellent like new condition.

In 2003 Madagascar Slim autographed the CD album picture.   The CDs also feature tracks by Bill Bourne and Lester Quitzau from live performances.    

Recorded live at Moments, Bremen, Germany on December 11, 2000.
Mastered by Rolf Kirschboum, Alien Style Studio, Bremen, Germany.

Tri Continental Tri Continental

Released August 2000

Tracks 1, 5 & 10 written by Lester Quitzau
Tracks 3, 7 & 11 written by Ben Randriamananjara
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8 & 9 written by Bill Bourne

Lester Quitzau : vocals, slide, acoustic and electric guitars, kalimba
Bill Bourne : vocals, acoustic guitar, fiddle
Madagascar Slim : vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, valiha
Isaak Kojo : background vocals, percussion
Joe Dunphy : drum

Recorded November 1999 and January 2000 at West Lodge Sound, Toronto, Ontario
Engineer: Joe Dunphy, assisted by Lorne Hounsell
Mixed by Lester Quitzau and Joe Dunphy
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Umbrella Sound