Bruce Wing & Judy Brunet
Saying Hello, Feeling Goodbye

Review by: Joanna Finch

"My heart started beating faster as soon as I heard the first notes of 'Out Of The Blue'. Judy's rich voice and the lush, jazzy arrangements on her new CD, 'Saying Hello Feeling Goodbye' has immediate appeal. Through the honesty of her writing, Judy connects to the listener on a very personal level, while still maintaining a thoughtful, mysterious quality, similar to great women lyricists Joni Mitchel, Joan Armatrading and Carly Simon. There is something familiar and comforting about these new songs, yet distinctive in their originality. There are gentle and hip swaying songs, folk with jazz undertones, catchy songs with great instrumentation. Judy's partner in love and music, Bruce Wing, has co-written some of the material and his arrangements have helped things take a new direction from 'Pieces of View', Judy's solo debut, (2002- Independent). He is a true 'sideman' who is tremendously talented at wholeheartedly enhancing the artistic ability of others. In live performances it is heart warming how the two support one another to bring their songs to life. These new songs are a little more musically sophisticated than 'Pieces of View' that showcased Judy's ability to write true blue, soon to be Canadian classics like 'Islander'. On 'Saying Hello Feeling Goodbye' Judy distinguishes
herself as a songwriter with an ability to pen songs that feel so familiar because of simple human truths spoken softly and sweetly by this gentle souled Vancouver Island treasure. This is a CD with which you will want to become intimate."

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Hazel Lennox
Where the Mountains meet the Ocean


Judy Brunet
Pieces Of View

Judy Brunet comes back to the Comox Valley from the island community of Sointula, BC where she has delighted audiences for many years. This memorable acoustic performer and songwriter brings a unique style and repertoire to the stage. Her warm vocals, expressive nuances, and insightful lyrics have been an enjoyable addition to North Island fundraisers, coffee houses, festivals, and community events for many years.
Born in southern Alberta, and raised in Calgary, she grew up listening to her mom's favorite country artists. Her love for singing naturally led to a love for performing and included regular appearances on "Calgary Safety Roundup", a telelvision program featuring young talent. After moving to Vancouver Island she spent her teen years in the Comox Valley absorbing the sounds of Christine McVie, Carly Simon, and Carole King among others. She also learned to play the guitar and began writing songs of her own, as well as short stories and comedic monologues.
Generously supported by those who have appreciated her musical contributions, Judy produced her debut CD "Pieces of View" from her home, and released it in November 2002. The album is a mix of original blues, easy listening, and spiritual songs, and features additional Sointula musicians Randy Stark, Andre Kaufmann, and Liz Harvey.
A second recording, "Persuaded" is in the works and Judy looks forward to new opportunities to develop her skills as a producer, writer, musician, and performer.

Produced by Judy Brunet
Engineered and mixed by Judy Brunet
Technical Advisor : Adam Mloszewski
Photos by Betty Carlson
Design & Layout by fish@indiepool.com
Manufactured by Indie Pool

Liz Harvey: Mandolin
Lori Anderson: Vocal #1
Andre Kaufmann: Drum track Electric Bass & Guitar # 3,7 - Arrangement #3
Randy Stark: Acoustic Guitar # 2,6,11/Bass 2,8/Electric Guitar 5,8,9 - Arrangement #2,8
Judy Brunet: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard/Drum Tracks


Lesley Baker
Lead The Way

Saskia Munroe

Saskia Munroe - Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals & Bass

Nathan Tinkham - Guitar & Dobro

Molly Newman - Percussion

Caridwen Irvine - Fiddle

Michael Brooks - Mandolin

Sue Pyper
Before You Learn To Fly







Sue Pyper

Since emigrating from the UK two and a half years ago, Sue Pyper has been delighting audiences with her superb voice and a repertoire of material ranging from smooth to sassy, refined to racy. 


In the short time she has been in Canada she has gained a reputation for not only being a talented singer and songwriter, but also gifted entertainer, switching between haunting ballads, storytelling and bawdy humour with hardly the blink of an eye.


Sue’s Debut CD “Before You Learn To Fly,” is about Journeys in the world and in the heart.  The CD Produced by Guitar Virtuoso Rodrigo Figueroa, includes four well crafted original new songs from Sue.  One of these, the insightful, “I Can’t Go Back Anymore,” was selected as one of the “Ten best of 2002” By Bob Sherman of WFUV Radio, New York. 


The CD has also had rave reviews from publications such as the major US Folk Magazine “Sing Out they say:   “Sure, Sue Pyper does some mean covers, including Nanci Griffith’s “Five and Dime” and Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “This Shirt” on her debut release.  These and other works by her neighbors Gordon Carter and Joanna Finch are engaging and solid, but it’s with her own four creations on “Before You Learn To Fly” that she really takes off”


Sue has also been nominated for 5 M*Power awards (the Vancouver Island Independent Music Awards 2003) The most nominations for a solo performer.


International folk performer and musical luminary Christine Lavin says about Sue, “Her originals have that 'timeless' feel of the best contemporary folk.  Long time fans of folk music will recognise her as a wonderful new discovery.”


Sue has been performing professionally for the last five years and in that time has become an exceptional live performer, who can bring you to tears with her poignant lyrics and haunting voice and then have you laughing in the aisles with her witty repartee and musical comedy.


Highlights Include:


Nominated for Five M*Power awards at the Vancouver Island  Independent Music Awards 2003

CD Reviewed in US Folk Magazine “Sing Out” (March 2003)

Vancouver Island Music Fest (2001 and 2003 Performance)

Victoria Roots Fest (2002 performance)

The Filberg Festival (2002 Performance)

CBC Radio One (2002 Live performance)

Sue’s song “I Can’t Go Back Anymore” selected as one of the ten best of 2002 by Bob Sherman, WFUV New York.

Internationally syndicated show, Midnight special, Chicago, selected “Highland clearance” as one of it’s “Pick hits” November 2002 and “Yellow Buick” was the pick hit in February 2003


What others have to say


“Sure, Sue Pyper does some mean covers, including Nanci Griffith’s “Five and Dime” and Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “This Shirt” on her debut release.  These and other works by her neighbors Gordon Carter and Joanna Finch are engaging and solid, but it’s with her own four creations on “Before You Learn To Fly” that she really takes off.


“I Can’t go Back” is an award-winning song about finding the place where you belong, both internally and geographically.  And it is far from the only good cut on the album.  With her four originals she establishes an ability to form a catchy chorus, and deliver personable story lines with pleasing vocals of strength…

Sing Out Magazine


“I met Sue Pyper at the Vancouver Island Music Fest.  During the weekend at least a half dozen Canadian performers who were working the festival said to me, "You must meet Sue Pyper -- you will love her!" and they were right Her originals have that 'timeless' feel of the best contemporary folk.  Long time fans of folk music will recognize her as a wonderful new discovery.”

Christine Lavin


Sue Pyper is a wonderful singer. Not only was it thrill to have her record one of my songs but the way she recorded it was the bigger thrill. Fantastic! 
Josh Cunningham – ‘The Waifs’


“Sue Pyper is one of those rare performers who can make someone else's song sound even better than the original.”

Tammy Fassaert (Recording artist)


“One of Vancouver Island’s finest talents."

Jim Selk, Victoria Folk Society

Tammy Fassaert Corner of My Eye

Featuring: John Reischman, Sally Van Meter, David Mosher, Nathan Tinkham, Byron Myhre, Chris Stevens, Jordy Sharp, Paul Bergman and others

Very hard to find. Only 1 cd left

Tammy's second solo album 'Corner of My Eye', (released in 2000) includes four brilliant new songs from Tammy, with impressive playing by a cast of luminaries under the keen direction of producer and mandolinist John Reischman. This internationally acclaimed release has further enhanced an already rich musical pedigree that has seen her perform and record in bands with acoustic music stars such as Laurie Lewis, John Reischman, Jeff White, Grammy winner Sally Van Meter and Scott Nygaard. Tammy also hand picks back-up players for tours, who recently have included John Reischman, Michigander David Mosher, Ian Tyson alumnus Nathan Tinkham, and Alberta's popular bluegrass band Jerusalem Ridge.

An accomplished musician with a healthy sense of humor and a strong grasp of human nature, Tammy Fassaert has developed over the years into a fine songwriter and compelling performer. Tammy has gone well beyond her original roots in traditional bluegrass and is now a welcome figure in contemporary folk and acoustic circles as well.

Billboard Magazine recently dubbed Tammy "one of the leading figures in Canada's vibrant West Coast folk music scene". "She has grown into a mature and confident singer/ songwriter and song interpreter" declares the Vancouver Province newspaper. Tammy has a strong, clear unadorned singing style; The Victoria Times-Colonist describes it as "the sound of wood smoke and clear mountain streams, ancient echoes of folk and country music before the business men in designer cowboy boots stole the music ..." Bluegrass Unlimited comments on her musical depth: "She's incorporated all manner of sophisticated and earthy American musical influences into her own superb vocal style".

Todd Butler A Canadian Loonie