Tara MacLean

Tara MacLean Passenger

Style: Rock
Released: 1999
Producers: Malcolm Burn & Bill Bell
Label: Nettwerk

Many people have described the ferry trip to Salt Spring Island as magical. For singer and songwriter Tara MacLean there was certainly magic in the air on one ferry voyage.

Living on Salt Spring at the time, Tara was riding the ferry between Fulford Harbour and Swartz Bay and passing the time by singing on the ferry's upper deck. By chance, two employees of Vancouver-based Nettwerk Records were on the same boat. They heard Tara singing and the rest is history.

Release Date:Jan 28\'1997

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Tara MacLean Silence

CD (January 28, 1997)
Original Release Date 1996

Tara MacLean If You See Me

Album Title: If You See Me
Released: November 18th, 1997
ep contains a live track from Lilith Fair plus 2 non LP songs