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Al Beeler Keepin' the Old Cowboy Music Alive







Al was born on a farm near Ridgeville in southern Manitoba, Canada. At 8 years of age he started singing and yodeling Wilf Carter tunes. He learned from listening to old 78’s on a crank gramophone. A year later his dad bought him a guitar for two bucks! During his younger years he played at local community events and dances. Al’s love of music and horses has always been with him.

Al took a 40 year “coffee break” from performing, and in the fall of 1996 he fulfilled a life long dream. He met Shirley Field and joined her for a concert at the O’Keefe Ranch, near Vernon BC, and following that concert he toured with Shirley for a year. He rekindled his interest in performing the old “Cowboy Music” and you can catch Al at various Cowboy Festivals throughout Western Canada.

Alan Moberg Home & Dry

Released: 2001
Producers: Dan Rudick
Label: Meadow Mountain Music
Recorded at: Jack 'n Lefty's, Salt Spring Island







Home and Dry, the latest CD by singer/songwriter Alan Moberg , was released January 2002. A superb collection of 16 songs, the vision for this project has been "The man, his guitar and the song". Other instrumentation has been added sparingly to enhance the original renditions without altering their simplicity and integrity. This CD has truly been a Salt Spring production. Local musicians Bob Delion, Charlie Erck, Dan Rudick, Garry Macpherson, Jeannine Munn, and Terry Warbey all contribute their skills to this album. Valdy sings harmony on the song that bears his name ("Song for Valdy") and Bill Henderson (Chilliwack) appears on three songs. Bill expressed interest in playing on this CD after hearing Alan perform at the Salt Spring Fall Fair. The only non-resident musician on the album is Daniel Lapp, a close neighbour on Vancouver Island. All the recording and mixing was done "on island" by Dan Rudick and Jeannine Munn (aka Jack N Lefty) and the beautiful CD cover was painted by local artist Jill Louise Campbell.

The Musicians
Guitar - Alan Moberg
Violin - Daniel Lapp
Guitar - Bill Henderson
Guitar - Dan Rudick
Guitar -  Garry Macpherson
Bass - Bob Delion
Mandolin - Jeannine Munn
Harmonica - Dan Rudick
Dulcimer - Terry Warbey
Dobro - Charlie Erck
Harmony Vocals - Alan Moberg
                            - Valdy
                           - Bill Henderson
Spirit of Fulford Valley vocal 
                           -Jeannine Munn

Allen Dobb Horses and Hills

Released: 1998

Label: Resource Records/Ragged Pup
Producers: Daniel Ross and Allen Dobb

Horses and Hills, Allen Dobb's debut solo CD, takes us into a rich musical heartland, spanning folk, country/rock and soul. From the first raw, swollen bars of "Mirage", to the liberating pop refrain of "Magnolia", Dobb’s textured and expressive voice carries the listener over an earthy, but varied musical terrain. The acoustic guitar based arrangements are salted with mandolin, banjo, electric slide guitar, piano and haunting percussion.

These songs reveal Dobb’s highly detailed and often poetic sensibility: "Horses are standing all bunched in the corner/Steam riding their backs like ghosts in the morning," he sings in the moving "Forty-Five Years". Horses and Hills is a landscape of broken farms, wild west shows, travelling salesmen and backwater spirits. These are honest songs about living, loving and leaving.

The Kingston Whig Standard's Greg Burliuk wrote, "His exceptional songwriting skills make Dobb's CD, Horses and Hills extraordinary." The Georgia Straight's Tony Montague wrote, "Dobb skirts deftly past the temptation of cliché to create a highly individual album."

Betty Anderson For All You Are

recorded at Raincoast Studio

Beverley Ann McKeen On Purpose

Brian Hazelbower One In A Million

See the Christmas Category to download Brian's Christmas Single (MP3)
'Merry Christmas Momma' for $2.99

Late in 2002 Brian decided it was time to finish something he had started some years earlier. Using some of his own works and some that were co-written with band mates Dave Studer and Ron Keck, he headed into Raincoast Studio. He was looking to for a Nashville meets Vancouver Island sound and by all accounts thus far, has succeeded.

Some of what people are saying:




One in a Million –“ I really enjoyed it, very professionally done, good job.”


“Bartender…totally… Rocks” ” I really like the way your band performs this. It's got a lot of variety, very well written ”


“This is fantastic, awesomely done, totally country, loved it. A thumbs up from me, oh and perfect country vocals”

You Gotta Love - “Very catchy and yet pulls at your heartstrings at the same time”

 “Softly Burning is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart...

When a song does that, to me it's a great song”

“Wow! I really like this. The story, the lyrics, the melodies, the arrangement, as well as the thought as the song ends. This is something that people will hear and think about when they listen.

Great piece of artistry.”

Carsons .CA

"Celtic-Country" - smokin'fiddles, dynamic voices, young artists...

Welcome to the world of The Carsons, two amazingly talented entertainers. This brother & sister duo has already thrilled audiences worldwide, yet they are only in their teens! In their 8 years of performing, The Carsons have

Performed as official Canadian Ambassadors in Japan.
Performed as official Canadian Ambassadors in Thailand.
Performed on the Jerry Lewis Telethon in Hollywood.
Headlined the annual cultural festival in the Cayman Islands
Performed at '94 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada
Performed at Vancouver, Seattle, Mission and Vancouver Island Folk Festivals, Merritt Mountain Music Festival, International Children's Festival, Calgary Stampede and many more.

Performed as featured guest artists with the Victoria Symphony Orchestra for numerous concerts playing fiddle and classical music.
Produced two CDs: Fiddle Fire and .CA

The Carsons have also enjoyed the privilege of sharing the stage with famous performers such as Brooks and Dunn, Prairie Oyster, The Irish Rovers, Ashley MacIsaac, Lisa Brokop, Rick Tippe, Sean Hogan, The Chieftans and Adam Gregory.

From performances of Celtic and traditional fiddle music, to new-country and pop hits, The Carsons' shows are magical. They love their audiences and that love is returned tenfold each and every performance. Tyler and Kendel's greatest passion is performing live! However, even through the eye of a camera they keep attracting new fans locally and internationally, as they are viewed on European, American and Canadian television.

"The Carsons' shows are exciting, energetic and fun. They know how to make an audience have a good time."

Christmas Dream, A Valdy, Gary Fjellgaard, Nathan Tinkham, Saskia Munroe

SEALED (only 1 left)

A Christmas Dream CD is a unique collaboration featuring 11 original and traditional Christmas songs from legendary Canadian musicians Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard, B.C. singer/songwriters Nathan Tinkham and Saskia Munroe and songwriter Darrel Delaronde. Created to raise money for B.C. food banks, the recording presents a musical feast that is destined to become a Christmas classic.
Inspired by the annual Huron Carol tour, this project was born when Saskia Munroe contacted her favorite B.C. musicians and asked if they had any original Christmas songs to contribute to a fundraising CD for B.C. foodbanks. The response was immediate and enthusiastic and the recording quickly turned into a collaboration with Valdy, Fjellgaard and Munroe providing harmonies to each other’s songs and Tinkham adding his award-winning guitar throughout. From Valdy’s jazzy Secret Santa to Fjellgaard and Munroe’s moving version of I Saw Three Ships, this CD is a seamless blend of original and traditional songs. All the musicians have donated 100% of their talent and time to create this CD.

The enthusiasm of the musicians is matched by the support of the small southeastern B.C. town of Revelstoke where Munroe and her co-executive producer, Krista Stovel, are based. From garage sales to fundraising concerts all of the monies raised has come from local individuals, businesses, service clubs and foundations. The beautiful painting on the CD cover was created by local artist David S. Walker and the Revelstoke Arts Council is sponsoring the project. Through Revelstoke’s community spirit the producers were able to raise all the money needed to produce and manufacture the CD so that 100% of the profits will go to the food banks where the CDs are sold. ($18 to food banks and $2 to go back into remanufacturing.)

In November 2002, there will be concerts in Revelstoke and Invermere to raise money for local food banks through concert proceeds and CD sales. A tour reaching more communities will take place next year. The goal for A Christmas Dream is to raise funds and awareness of the important role the food banks play in each community and create a recording that will generate income for B.C. food banks long past it’s release in 2002.

If you would like more information please contact Krista Stovel at:
ph: 1.250.837.3515 or email:

Nathan Tinkham - guitar, dobro & vocals

Valdy - guitar,bass & vocals

Gary Fjellgaard - guitar & vocals

Saskia Munroe - bass & vocals

Krista Stovel - vocals

Donna Konsorado Skylines

Donna Konsorado has made her home on Vancouver Island since 1988 but she first heard frailing-style banjo in 1972 on the porch of a log cabin in the hills of 100 Mile House, played by some wayfaring stranger. Since that time Donna has done her part to maintain this style, as she incorporates it into her accompaniments of her own and others’ songs. She interchanges her banjo for acoustic guitar during her performances, to suit her repertoire which includes country and folk music with a growing proportion of her original material. In the past, Donna’s musical energy was divided between her own music and her intense involvement in hosting local and visiting acoustic musicians at house concerts and the now-defunct Wild Roots Cafe in Nanaimo. Over the past two years, however, Donna has focused on her own music, to the delight of her audiences who get to see her on stage with her banjo and her guitar much more frequently. Donna plays solo as well as increasingly in tandem with Ken Hamm and occasionally with her husband, Bill Konsorado. Donna has been busy with various recording projects. Her debut album, “Skylines” showcases many of her own compositions. As well, she played banjo with the Wake Up Jacob Band, recording on the Rough But Honest Miner project of Richard Wright and Cathryn Wellner, co-produced by Ken Hamm. She also joined Ken Hamm on back-up vocals and banjo for his most recent recording “Cross the River”, which presents one of Donna’s compositions as the title track. Donna’s musical roots reach back to southern Alberta where she grew up, as well as time spent in Washington state. With a rodeo cowboy for a father she listened to country tunes from him around the house and occasionally at one of the local honkytonks. As part of the Trout Creek Pickers in the 70's, Donna was inspired by her sister Sherry, who crammed her short life full of music and creativity, and her first banjo teacher, Lesley Schatz, who went on to be internationally known in the banjo world. Since that time, Donna has developed her own style of music that incorporates her roots but moves on to new places. Some of her influences along the way have been John McEuen, Emmy Lou Harris , Kate Wolf and Nanci Griffith, as well as those musicians that surround her on Vancouver Island and the west coast.

Donny Gale Roots of Love

Track 1 "These Tears That I Cry" went to the top of the independant charts in Australia in 9 weeks. "I've only walked away from you" and "Throught the years" followed after. All 3 songs have been topping independant charts across Europe, Australia and the USA. "Through the years" was the Caprice records submission for category 37 in the 2003 grammy awards and was published on the list by the AMA.
Donny is also a Canadian A&R rep for Caprice records/international americana. He can sign radio and album deals for Caprice.

"I am now helping solicit Vancouver Island artists out to the world market. Always open for contact." Donny