Eileen McGann Beyond the Storm

Nominated for a 2002 JUNO Award
[Best Album: Roots & Traditional]
Eileen's new CD!


Eileen McGann's Beyond The Storm offers amazing connectivity. She begins with a call to a blackbird, able to see the big picture, for wisdom to guide on the road to freedom. Then she highlights humanity operating without wisdom. With lessons of legend and myth, she proves how modern times haven't altered mankind's obsession with beauty, greed, and power. Whether it be King Henry making Young Rosamond a slave of her own loveliness, or man's indifference to disappearing species ("Last Of The Truly Wild,") greed destroys beauty, no lessons learned. Amid cries for wisdom, McGann addresses the world economic situation, and then reminds us in Aileen Vance's tune "Waterfall," how one small stone can cause a ripple. "Medusa" is a masterpiece. There is much going on in this rewrite of the famous legend involving Poseidon, Athena, and the maiden Medusa whose ugliness turns men to stone.... Singing as Medusa, McGann's vocals, always beautiful and strong, mirror the character's qualities. Ending with "Island Home," a tribute to beauty, she and co-producer /musician David K sing about the sparse paradise surrounding their Vancouver Island home. The muscle melting, a cappella duet is such a luring sales pitch, I picture the irony of many flocking there for the solitude. This fabulous release blends myth and modern commentary situations with powerful vocals and vocabulary. Be prepared to be in awe and forced to think, for this is no mere background music. -- Angela Page, ©Sing Out! Used by permission

Eileen McGann - Lead & Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
David K. - Harmony Vocals, Slide Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Bass
Oliver Schroer - Fiddle
David Woodhead - FretlessBass
Rene Cusson - Scottish smallpipes
Ben Grossman - Percussion
Duncan Cameron - Whistles
Lesley Atherton - Cello

Emma & Joyce Beaton
Off The Beaton Track

The Qualicum, British Columbia, mother and daughter team of Joyce and Emma Beaton has just released their second CD entitled Off The Beaton Track. This album is a collection of their favourite tunes all from the Celtic tradition.

The Beaton’s have also just returned from Scotland where no doubt they were busy soaking up more of the Celtic traditional music to add to their repertoire.

In 2004, Joyce and Emma were also part of a another Celtic group called Celtic Chaos and they released an album under that name. When the Beatons record a CD there are also a lot of other people who benefit from the sale of their music.

For instance, the group Celtic Chaos raised over $10,000 for cancer research from the proceeds of their CD sale and 50 percent of the sales from Off The Beaton Track will also go to cancer research, with the other half toward a better cello for Emma.

Tracks on the album are: Thirty Years; Boys of the Lough; P.E.I. Jigs; Hard Dang It. Hard; Les Gros Danseuis; En Timme I Ungein; Heio; Breton Dance; Ora Lee; Strathpeys; I’m Too Sexy for My Djembe; Drakskeppet and Auld Lang Syne. The liner notes on the CD also have a background of each of the tracks.

Off The Beaton Track is instrumental of reflective Celtic listening music that at times has the sounds of East coast kitchen music. The only singing on the album is on Auld Lang Syne, which is beautifully sung by Mairi Campbell.

Greg Joy & Mark Bracken
A Magical Celtic Christmas

label:Ancient Echoes Music



An ethereal and hauntingly beautiful collection of traditional Christmas carols in the "folk-baroque" and "Celtic" styles featuring guitar, psaltery, hammer dulcimer, flute, recorders, cello and keyboards.

Greg Joy and Mark Bracken
A Magical Christmas

label:North Star Records


Well-known traditional Christmas carols are delicately and intricately plyed on psaltry, hammer dulcimer, 6 & 12 string guitars, cello, flute and recorder. There is a strong "Olde English" Elizabethan feel to this album.

Greg Joy
Celtic Secrets

very very rare

Highly decorative "folk-baroque" guitar compositions combined with the beautiful sounds of flutes, dulcimer and viola da Gamba weave a magical spell upon these enchanting traditional Celtic melodies.

Gruff, The
A Goat On Every Floor

currently unavailable

A Goat on Every Floor was made possible by the Canada Council of the Arts and has been awarded The "100.3 The Q! Album of the Year" award at the 3rd Annual Island Music Awards in Victoria May 2004. We recorded A Goat on Every Floor with our good friend Adrian Dolan who plays with The Bill's (formerly The Bill Hilly Band). It was mastered by Joby Baker at Baker Studios. I can honestly say that it's the best CD ever. The most exciting thing about this CD (besides the influence of Adrian, and the greatest graphics ever seen) is that unlike our first CD, A Goat on Every Floor is full of original music!

Harry Warner
Galway to Ganges

"I left Galway in 1967 and soon after realized that the Irish heritage of music and song would be precious to me forever. On this CD I have tried to emphasize the singing of songs. The CD features songs of my youth - Irish songs - Gaelic and English; also some Country and Western songs. There are some songs from my 'new' home on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

"I inherited a love of performing from my father Claude . As a shy youth of 12 years, I sang in public for the first time on condition that 'everyone had their eyes closed!' During my drinking years I often grabbed an opportunity to burst into song. My folk music hero was Ronnie Drew of The Dubliners.

"In 1990, I bought a small farm on Salt Spring and resigned from my job as Professor of Mathematics and Business Computing at Ryerson University in Toronto.

"In 1993, at the age of 50, I joined my first group, Spanner in the Works, based in Ganges, Salt Spring Island. Derek Duffy, Myranda O'Byrne, Terry Warbey and I had a lot of fun performing Celtic music.

"In 1994 Denise McCann, Jo Lundstrom and I formed Black Velvet Band and travelled far and wide singing and playing."

—Harry Warner

Irish Rovers The Best of the Irish Rovers

Released in 2003 by UNIVERSAL MUSIC .

Ivonne Hernandez
Playing With Fire

As one of Canada’s hottest young performers, Ivonne has performed with or opened for Alan Jackson, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, The Paperboys, Barachois, Natalie MacMaster, Jann Arden, Julian Austin, Ben Heppner and Oscar Lopez. Her talent, passion and charm have taken her all over North America.

A consummate entertainer, she is constantly in motion, whether dancing, fiddling or singing...an energy that is passed on to the audience wherever she performs.

About Ivonne's debut cd 'Playing With Fire'

Guests include Scott Henderson on saxophone and Daniel Lapp on keyboard and guitar. As Daniel writes in the liner notes, " Enjoy this album, the first from a young fiddler whose splendid technique commands attention and deserves accolades but which never interferes with a spirited and soulful performance, which is at the heart of all great fiddling."


Musicians on the CD include: Ivonne Hernandez (Fiddle, Stepdancing, Vocals, Percussion) Adam Dobres (Guitar, Bass, Percussion) Jessamy Zeeman (Keyboard, Percussion) Mike Alton (Drum Kit) Daniel Lapp (Keyboard - tracks 2 & 6, Tenor Guitar - tracks 7 & 11) Scott Henderson (Tenor Saxophone - track 3) Produced by: Ivonne Hernandez Recorded and Mixed by: Bill Crappelle Mixed and Mastered by: Hugh McMillan Recorded at: The Recordists Workshop, Victoria, BC, 2001

Jaime RT

Jaime RT hails from the Kootenay’s where she began her performing career at 12-years-old with family band “The Huscroft Family Fiddlers”. She took her love of music and created a career after university with teaching, establishing the Salt Spring Fiddle Workshop that draws fiddle lovers from all over the globe to the founding of Fiddleworks, a teaching series of music books and CDs.

Performing with numerous players over the years such as Kettle of Fish, Song of the Isles and The Billy Goats Gruff, Jaime has honed her dynamic live performance and has established herself as one of the top fiddlers in the country. Summers find Jaime teaching and performing at fiddle camps across Canada and the US, sharing the stage with fiddlers such as Oliver Schroer, Pierre Schryer, Jerry Holland, Gordon Stobbe, Ian Fraser, & Catriona MacDonald. Sharing her talents in Canada’s arctic and northern communities with Andrea Hanson and Strings Across the Sky, an organization committed to restoring the historic fiddle legacy among youth, is another one of Jaime’s passions.

At home on Salt Spring Island Jaime can be found performing at community events and teaching fiddle, violin, piano, theory and composition in her unique straw bale music studio.

Reach is a rich combination of sounds, a merging of the classical with a folk soul that takes listeners on a journey of melodic pathways. Imaginative, joyous, and rich with stylistic mergings, this album establishes Jaime RT as an innovative artist willing to bring fiddle music to new palates. A contemporary folk album, Reach blends new and old music, celtic and Jazz, classic and Acadian to create a uniquely west-coast inspired world approach to the fiddle. Woven with the support of mandolin, guitar, accordion, bass, cello and tabla, Jaime’s violin and viola take us on a journey that keeps us wanting more. Reach brings a stellar line-up of some of the best talent in folk music today such as the prodigious, cutting-edge fiddle composer Oliver Schroer on violin, Canada’s top mandolin player John Reischman along with Juno-nominated musicians Glen Manders and Andrian Dolan of The Bills. Reach is a fresh new canvas that has allowed Jaime RT to create a picture of fiddle music that is both new and familiar, a sound that is “out-of-the-box” and ultimately captivating.