McGann, Eileen

Eileen McGann Turn It Around


"One of the top ten recordings of the year. Delivered with a beautiful ballad-mezzo, her melodies seem timeless and traditional, but the lyrics are urgently modern. She could be Canada's next big songwriter." -The Boston Globe

"This is absolutely one of the finest, most well produced albums I've heard in recent times. Beautiful!" - Mark Hauser, Music Director, Vermont Public Radio

Mary Anderson - Harp
Dan Brodbeck - Percussion
Ken Brown - Mandolin, Flute, Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Ian Goodfellow - Pennywhistles
Grit Laskin - Concertina, Cittern, Northumbrian Pipes, Harmony Vocals
Anne Lederman - Four and Five String Fiddle
Eileen McGann - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar
Cathy Miller - Harmony Vocals
Garnet Rogers- Violin
David Woodhead - Fretless and Fretted Bass, DX7

Eileen McGann Beyond the Storm

Nominated for a 2002 JUNO Award
[Best Album: Roots & Traditional]
Eileen's new CD!


Eileen McGann's Beyond The Storm offers amazing connectivity. She begins with a call to a blackbird, able to see the big picture, for wisdom to guide on the road to freedom. Then she highlights humanity operating without wisdom. With lessons of legend and myth, she proves how modern times haven't altered mankind's obsession with beauty, greed, and power. Whether it be King Henry making Young Rosamond a slave of her own loveliness, or man's indifference to disappearing species ("Last Of The Truly Wild,") greed destroys beauty, no lessons learned. Amid cries for wisdom, McGann addresses the world economic situation, and then reminds us in Aileen Vance's tune "Waterfall," how one small stone can cause a ripple. "Medusa" is a masterpiece. There is much going on in this rewrite of the famous legend involving Poseidon, Athena, and the maiden Medusa whose ugliness turns men to stone.... Singing as Medusa, McGann's vocals, always beautiful and strong, mirror the character's qualities. Ending with "Island Home," a tribute to beauty, she and co-producer /musician David K sing about the sparse paradise surrounding their Vancouver Island home. The muscle melting, a cappella duet is such a luring sales pitch, I picture the irony of many flocking there for the solitude. This fabulous release blends myth and modern commentary situations with powerful vocals and vocabulary. Be prepared to be in awe and forced to think, for this is no mere background music. -- Angela Page, ┬ęSing Out! Used by permission

Eileen McGann - Lead & Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
David K. - Harmony Vocals, Slide Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Bass
Oliver Schroer - Fiddle
David Woodhead - FretlessBass
Rene Cusson - Scottish smallpipes
Ben Grossman - Percussion
Duncan Cameron - Whistles
Lesley Atherton - Cello

Eileen McGann HERITAGE

Eileen's first all-traditional CD

available on cd or cassette


 "These songs serve as perfect vehicle for the sterling voice that has made Eileen a Canadian national treasure.

Past albums featured her prowess as a contemporary songwriter. Eileen is well known as for her songs depicting various aspects of the Canadian experience. Those familiar with McGann's career, will not be surprised by this album. She has blended traditional songs into her concerts, as well as participating in other traditional music projects. Heritage is her way of acknowledging a significant force in her musical life.

It has been more than twenty years since an artist of McGann's talent and standing has seriously taken on the traditional ballad repertoire. It seems the current generation has found a worthy champion for this body of work. With the release of Heritage , Eileen McGann takes her place along side greats June Tabor, Joan Baez, and Judy Collins. "

-Mark Horn, The Mining Company Guide to Folk Music  
Eileen McGann - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
David K. - Harmony Vocals, National Tri-Cone Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Bass
Oliver Schroer - Fiddle
David Woodhead - Electric Bass, Fretless, and 8-String Bass
Steafan Hannigan - Uillean pipes and Half-longs
Ben Grossman - Percussion
Garnet Rogers - Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Loretto Reid - Whistle
George Koller - Cello
Grit Laskin - English Baritone Concertina
Corey Thompson - drum
Winston Murray - Flute  

Eileen McGann Journeys

"Five stars! One of the year's finest releases. Mature songwriting, crisp arrangements and a soaring voice that never wavers. ...[The album] explores self, place and the human condition.... [Eileen McGann] is top-drawer, and worth going out of your way to hear." -The Valley Advocate, Hartford, CT../Springfield, MA.

"You are in for a real treat" -Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange, WA.

"Calgary's folk/Celtic tunesmith may get her just rewards yet with a new album strongly highlighted by her crystal-clear magnetic soprano....A strong musical voice with a heart." - NOW Magazine,Toronto

"McGann continues the Canadian tradition of honest, subtle story telling and musical observation that has earned the respect of folk musicians and fans world wide. McGann's own personal journey has been a bright one and it looks to be getting brighter all the time" - Calgary Sun

Mary Anderson - Harp
Ken Brown - Flute
Stephen Fearing- Guitar
Steafan Hannigan - Irish Pipes, Scottish Smallpipes, Bouzouki, Congas, Tabla, Whistles
David K - Harmony Vocals, National Tri-Cone Guitar, Guitar, Bass
George Koller - Cello, Bowed Bass
Anne Lederman - Piano
Eileen McGann - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar
Cathy Miller - Harmony Vocals
Oliver Schroer - Fiddle
David Travers-Smith - Trumpet
David Woodhead - Electric Bass, Fretless, and 8-String Bass

Eileen McGann Elements


"Elements is as fresh and invigorating as the winds that sweep down from her native Canada"
-The Valley Advocate, MA.

"Her songs are Canadian to the core, merging traditional songs with her own intelligent, graceful compositions
to lift Elements far above most of the current crop. A special treat."
- Folk Roots, England

Bill Craig - Harmony Vocals
Ron Harry - Cello
Susan Hoo Kong - Harmony Vocals
Grit Laskin - Mandolin, Concertina, Smallpipes
Jim McMillan - Harmony Vocals
Eileen McGann - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar
Cathy Miller - Harmony Vocals
Sean Mulrooney - Guitars, Harmony Vocals
Garnet Rogers - Flute, Fiddle
Mary Simpson - Harmony Vocals
Dick Smith - Percussion
Ken Whiteley - Mandolin, Guitar, Piano, DX7
David Woodhead - Electric and Acoustic Bass

Trilogy Two Thousand Years of Christmas

The Soundtrack featuring Cathy Miller, Eileen McGann, Richard K.  (Dragonwing Music/Festival)

Currently Not In Stock

"Two Thousand Years of Christmas" is a musical celebration of the history and spirit of Christmas, featuring the voices of three of Canada 's best singer/songwriters: Eileen McGann, David K., and Cathy Miller. They are known collectively as "Trilogy" . Rare and wonderful music from the last 20 centuries of Yuletide celebrations are featured in this recording. Trilogy is known for spectacular harmonies, multi -instrumentals, and an engaging presentation style.

Between1994 and 2001, Trilogy toured the show "Two Thousand Years of Christmas" each November and December to an ever-increasing audience. The three performers in the show, who each have separate music careers in non-Yuletide seasons, have been amazed and delighted at how this show touches audiences and enables them to enjoy their own Christmas celebrations even more - from bah-humbuggers to the deeply religious

The first half of the CD features early songs, one dating back to the 14th century, wassails and the more familiar Huron Carol and Coventry Carol. The second half is comprised of more modern music, some of which was written by members of Trilogy. The music features Trilogy's spectacular harmonies and multi-instrumentals.

This is a Christmas concert with a difference. Not just the sound of three voices with a magical blend. Not just the joy of learning new sing -alongable Christmas songs. Audience members have thanked us over the years for redefining Christmas to them, for bringing back the meaning to our customs, and for helping them enrich their holiday season with music never played in shopping malls.

The three members of Trilogy developed "Two Thousand Years of Christmas" so that they could sing together once a year. Eileen McGann, originally from Ontario, has been called a national treasure for her extraordinary singing and songwriting in the Celtic tradition, and has toured internationally for many years . She is a 2002 Juno nominee for her recording "Beyond the Storm". Her Masters in Medieval History has been invaluable in researching traditions for this show. David K., born in BC, is a talented multi-instrumentalist, primarily working in country and bluegrass music, and runs a recording studio. Cathy Miller , with a long history of songwriting, performing and theatre, is known for her spectacular singing voice and is currently touring the world singing for quilters, thanks to her sixth CD "One Stitch at a Time". She is also originally from Ontario . Together, Trilogy brings over 60 years of performing experience to the stage.

Trilogy is currently taking a break from this show to pursue their own interests.

Here are the songs:


O Magnum Mysterium 14th century Vittoria
Down in Yon Forest - traditional English
Gloucester Wassail - traditional English
Brightest and Best - Reginal Heber, 1811
Coventry Carol - Robert Croo, 1534
Cherry Tree Carol - Child Ballad #54
Huron Carol - Father Jean de Brebouf
Who's the Fool Now? - traditional English
Dona Nobis Pacem - Palestrina, 16th century
Light from the Lighthouse - American spiritual, additional lyrics by Trilogy


Tonight is for Christmas - Cathy Miller
Turn It Around - Eileen McGann
New Star Shining - Ricky Skaggs and James Taylor (Hall and Hall, writers)
Snow Shanty - Eileen McGann, based on traditional melody
Christmas in the Trenches - John McCutcheon
You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Dr. Seuss/Albert Hague
Rejoice! Rejoice! - Eileen McGann

Eileen McGann Light