Bills, The Let Em Run

Produced by Joby Baker, Marc Atkinson and The Bills. Recorded and mixed by Joby Baker at Baker Studios, Victoria, BC
Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Billy Goats Gruff (now 'The Gruff')
The Million Dollar Tip

currently unavailable

The Million Dollar Tip is our first CD. It was released in January 2002. We had a great time recording it with Kate Simms at Bent Sound in Victoria. (Kate has now relocated to Vancouver) It is full of traditional fiddle tunes and vocal hits. There are also a couple of original tunes (the first of many). We had the pleasure of playing with a few other musicians on the disc so there's a nice full sound complete with bass and accordion!

Birgit Running With The Wolves

Contemporary Folk singer, Birgit writes songs that touch hearts and souls and she creates melodies that lift spirits. "Birgit's music is pure and honest and thankfully free from cynicism in a world that needs more hope. She writes songs that make you feel glad to be alive", says Juno Award nominee Mae Moore about Birgit's songs. Having starting singing and song writing, just a few short years ago, Birgit has come a long way in a very short time. A two time BC Festival of Arts delegate for songwriters "who show promise for a professional career", Birgit's recordings from her second CD "Running with the Wolves" are part of a soundtrack for a documentary film slated for the 2002 Sun Dance Film Festival. She was invited to sing back up by Chloe Goodchild, artist director of V-Day 2001, held in Madison Square Gardens, New York City. In March she opened for Juno Award Winner and International Recording Artist, Susan Aglukark at the West Coast Women's Music Festival. 

Quotable Quotes “Birgit’s voice touches a deep vein of longing and beauty for the inexpressible which arrests and nourishes the hearts of her listeners. Her singing brings healing balm to the hungry soul” - Chloe Goodchild, singer, musical director and producer Vday 2001, Madison Square Garden, N.Y. “Birgit’s music is pure and honest and thankfully free from cynicism in a world that needs more hope. She writes songs that make you feel glad to be alive.” - Mae Moore, singer, international recording artist and Juno award nominee “This girl has a deadly voice and a way with a lyric that is truly charming” - Ron Hynes, singer, international recording artist and East Coast Music award winner “Birgit’s music fills my space with love and joy” - Ann Mortifee, singer and officer of the Order of Canada “Birgit sings sweetly and plays with intensity. When she sings she opens herself right up. It’s quite awesome because she reveals what a lot of people are afraid to look at and does so with humor and aliveness. Her songs are very catchy and you find yourself humming them. They infiltrate your psyche” - Joanna Finch, music reviewer, The Voice Magazine

Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell - Over sensitive, middle aged male, Singer/Songwriter from the Cowichan Valley (Vancouver Island, Canada), releases his first CD, "ditchflowers".

....."valley famous", "man about town", "all around nice guy", seeks other valleys and towns where ditchflowers bloom.

.....make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, 'it's gotta mean somethin' or what's the use...folk music? from the heart, for the heart...give it a listen, hope you like it.  -Bob

Bobbi Schram Terminal Station

Bobbi Schram is a singer/songwriter on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Bobbi's been writing, singing, playing piano and guitar for quite a number of years. Only in the past few years she has been playing for larger audiences.

Bobbi decided a couple of years ago to have some songs recorded, and went shopping for a studio. Raincoast Studio in Nanaimo was the one. Recording engineer Jerry Paquette took on the project, and now there is a full length cd with 14 of Bobbi's origional songs. Almost 2 years later!

Most are on piano, a few on guitar, some have violin, cello, and some percussion. Most are laid back, easy listening songs.

The title of the CD is actually a song within it.  "Terminal Station", is about a homeless man laying on a bench in the park out front of the main train station in Vancouver.

So, sit back and relax, hope you enjoy!


Music from the shores of Clayoquot Sound







Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, The Bottomfeeders have released their inaugural CD, Waterview.
A compilation of lyrical, whimsical, wonderful ballads, Waterview 
has a little something for everyone, from harmonious vocals
to toe-tapping rhythms reminicent of maritime down-home folk.
     For those who enjoy browsing their CD liners while immersed in music, this one will keep you entertained for most of its 50 minutes;
some great photos, words to sing along to, and titles like (My Gal Left Me For A) Geoduck Clam, Spruce Bug, Drunkest Deckhand, and Gooseneck Barnacle Pickers.
    Waterview is the ultimate stocking stuffer for your loved ones. Decorate it with a clam shell and the promise of a clam dinner,and
they'll wonder no longer what mysteries lie at the bottom of the sea.

Marilyn McEwen - The Westerly News


... it's the album's diversity that makes it easily one of the biggest sleeper hits in recent indie memory. Graceful harmonies around Coral Palm in Wait Some More ... the tranquil image you instantly visualize around the traditional Canadian folk ballad The Jealous Lover ... make no mistake about it - these guys and gal are serious musicians, with the craftsmanship one naturally gains with music they love to play.

A fisherman's life couldn't be made out more eloquently, capturing one of the country's few 'roots musics'.   A refreshing splash of originality is just what Canadian music needed and The Bottomfeeders give you that splash - and all the fish tales that come with it. 


After years of harrassment from their fans,
the band entered the studio in the spring of 2001 and recorded their first cd, Waterview.
It was recorded at Sundog Studios, in Ucluelet, BC, except for the guitars and vocal of 'Estevan Reef' which were recorded in  John's living room in Tofino, BC in 1994, and the drum tracks which were recorded at Wireworks Digital, in Parksville, BC.
The recording was produced by The Bottomfeeders and Rob Thoms, who was also the recording engineer.
Mixing and mastering were done by Regan Myers and John Armstrong at Wireworks Digital.
Graphic design was done by Paul Harris and Bill Morrison at Word Works.

Bremen Town Musicians
The Tales Thus Far

very rare







The Bremen Town Musicians are:
Steve Parton - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Kathy Stacey - Cello, Vocals
Ron Wills - Bass Guitar
Aaron Grant - Drums, Vocals

article by Barry Newman-Cosmic Debris Feb 1999

Nanaimo was treated to a wonderful (and historically-unique) concert, which melded original "celtic folk/rock" with the formidable impact and lush embellishments of a fifty-piece symphonic orchestra.

The first set... a blend of traditional Irish and Celtic tunes and works by Hardiman, Arture Lange and Malcolm Arnold... was performed by The Vancouver Island Symphony.

Conductor & Artistic Director Marlin Wolfe has previously directed the Calgary Philharmonic, the Edmonton Symphony, CBC Vancouver & Canadian Chamber Orchestras, the Edmonton Chamber Players Orchestra and the Alberta Pops Orchestra. Wolfe also teaches violin at the Nanaimo Conservatory.

It was Wolfe's idea, after hearing The Bremen Town Musicians perform on Gabriola Island, to approach the band with regard to being guest artists for the Symphony's Pops series, which have recently included Valdy, Gary Fjellgaard, Gary Guthman and P.J. Perry. It took Steve Parton almost six months to complete the score.

Included among the symphony's 50 musicians were percussionist Richard Lang (from Victoria's Perils of Pauline), Nanaimo's standup bassist John Forrest and trumpeter Bryn Badel (a familiar player in Victoria's jazz scene).

The second half of the concert featured The Bremen Town Musicians performing their original material with the Symphony.
Ron Wills (electric bass) and drummer Vince Ditrich (from Spirit of The West) opened with Bremen Town's "Overture". Kathy Stacey, who shares much of the vocals was seated right up front, with her cello and a mic headset.

Shortly into the fanfare, guitarist / vocalist & composer Steve Parton dashed up onto the stage with his acoustic guitar... and big hair... like a latter-day Jethro Tull. Taking a moment to catch his breath at the end of the overture, Parton welcomed the audience, adding, "I'll get a little chatty later in the show!"

This was followed by "If I Did" and "The Man and His Hands" with six young dancers from Pacific Youth Ballet's Harbour Dancentre weaving their way around and with Steve while he performed.

Vince's drum roll opened for Kathy Stacey's "Jordan's Fall"... with climbing tempo changes inspired by her young son's misadventures.

"The Smoke" included some lush orchestral background (Parton wrote all the scores, with the exception of "Drowsy Maggie" by Stacey).

Opening with Stacey's plucking on her cello strings, the intense "Thugs and Perpetrators" brought back memories of "Conquistador", as performed by Procol Harum and The Edmonton Symphony back in the '70s (I've since learned that Marlin Wolfe was that show's artistic director and that Delores Vann (concertmaster / principle 1st violinist) performed with the Edmonton Symphony at the Procol Harum recording).

The fabulous concert ended all too soon with an encore, "Answer The Silence", introduced by a whispering Parton.

Overall, the production was a refreshing foray into the magic of fusion and an generation-bridging blend of tradition with innovation. Hats off to Bremen Town, The Symphony and the show's sponsor, Nanaimo Credit Union!

A lot of behind-the-scenes input and support from the huge talent pool in and around the Hub City contributed to the success of this remarkable production. This included Jim Kent for the house sound - an awesome job which utilized 40 microphones; and recording by Scott Littlejohn from Bastion City (Parton is hoping to eventually produce a CD of the concert).

The main players would have to be guitarist / singer / composer extraordinaire Steve Parton, who maintained a hands-on approach to many aspects of the production; and the vibrant Kathy Stacey, whose cello work, vocal harmonies and composition skills so nicely complimented Parton's performance.

Steve, originally from Montreal, has studied guitar with Don Ross.

Kathy studied cello at the Royal College of Music and performed with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. She has performed in concerts with John Williams and Placido Domingo and for Prince Charles & Princess Diana. Kathy is also the assistant principle cellist with the Vancouver Island Symphony.

(According to Salt Spring's bluegrass band, The Barley Brothers, "Kathy is the only classically-trained musician we know who can rock without a gun held to her head"...!!)

Together, Steve and Kathy also perform as a duo called Ten Strings & A Bow (recently performing for Bill Gates' birthday party).

The Bremen Town Musicians have performed with Valdy, Spirit Of The West, The Irish Descendants, The Barra MacNeills, Leo Kottke, Ken Hamm, Don Ross, Bob Snider, Paul Hyde and Robbie Steininger, The McDades, The Mahones, Thomas Handy Trio, Hugh Fraser and Joe Charron.

Their next shows will be at Legends on Mar 17 and at The Queens on Mar 25 (with Ostera opening). The band is currently negotiating with various orchestras (some as far east as New York) to do a North American tour.

Barry Newman-Cosmic Debris Feb 1999

Brian Hazelbower One In A Million

See the Christmas Category to download Brian's Christmas Single (MP3)
'Merry Christmas Momma' for $2.99

Late in 2002 Brian decided it was time to finish something he had started some years earlier. Using some of his own works and some that were co-written with band mates Dave Studer and Ron Keck, he headed into Raincoast Studio. He was looking to for a Nashville meets Vancouver Island sound and by all accounts thus far, has succeeded.

Some of what people are saying:




One in a Million –“ I really enjoyed it, very professionally done, good job.”


“Bartender…totally… Rocks” ” I really like the way your band performs this. It's got a lot of variety, very well written ”


“This is fantastic, awesomely done, totally country, loved it. A thumbs up from me, oh and perfect country vocals”

You Gotta Love - “Very catchy and yet pulls at your heartstrings at the same time”

 “Softly Burning is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart...

When a song does that, to me it's a great song”

“Wow! I really like this. The story, the lyrics, the melodies, the arrangement, as well as the thought as the song ends. This is something that people will hear and think about when they listen.

Great piece of artistry.”

Cathy Miller
A Quilter's Embrace

Currently Not Available

Since I released "One Stitch at a Time" in 2000, quilters from all over the world have been telling me their stories. Some of them made me laugh and some cry. I knew I had to write more songs to share these tales. This music is now available on a CD called "A Quilter's Embrace". It features 14 new songs with the same mix of history, current events and fun that everyone loved about "One Stitch at a Time".

While recording this CD in Toronto, I got the chance to work with some of the top session musicians in Canada, and they did a wonderful job on the new songs. I also got the chance to finally work with an old friend, and top-notch producer, Paul Mills, in the producer's chair. I had lots of help from many, many quilters, who told me fascinating quilting stories. It is thanks to their generosity that this CD has come to be. Here are the songs on the CD:

Quilter's Husband's Lament to hear a sample of this song, click here and scroll down the page until you find the title
I found this poem on the Internet, and have set it to music. It was originally adapted by Shelly Burge from a poem called "A Husband's Viewpoint" and published in her Home Extension Club newsletter in the late 1970s. If you know the author of the original poem (which ends with the husband getting directly into heaven, since "you've done your time in Hell"), please get in touch with me.

A Quilter's Embrace to hear a sample of this song, click here and scroll down the page until you find the title
After hearing about so many charity quilts done by every single guild we've visited over the years, I had to write this song. Each verse is about someone who has received an anonymous charity quilt, and the chorus is the supposed quilt label on each of those quilts. It's been bringing a tear to the eye of audiences so far!

Clayoquat Sounds

a collection of eclectic grassroots artists from the Long Beach area

recorded on Vancouver Island 

mastered at Wireworks