Rick Bockner

Rick Bockner Fret Lizards

Rick Bockner has been playing guitar since he was 7 years old. Raised in the folk tradition, he then went on to study blues guitar, ragtime fingerstyle guitar, and Celtic stylings. He was a founding member of the 60's San Francisco band Mad River (Capitol Records) . Rick is considered to be one of the best of Canada's acoustic guitarists. He performs, travels, and teaches in concert halls, music camps, and clubs in North America, and Europe.
Rick's main musical influences on the guitar range from the Mississippi Delta greats like Skip James, Willie Brown, Robert Johnson, - to the gospel guitar of Rev. Gary Davis and Joseph Spence. He also has spent years developing a stylistic approach to Celtic music and fiddle tunes. As well, Rick is a veteran songwriter as several of the selections on Fret Lizards demonstrate. His sense of poetry and lyric is deep and unaffected, he finds the common thread in his lyrics that make the listener smile and relate.
Bockner's intricate and expressive harmonies on the guitar make for some wonderful listening as he reworks some of the tunes he grew up with for this recording. His own compositions have delighted and confounded guitarists for years.
Fret Lizards is a collection of the new and the old music that still rides around in Rick's head after 45 years of guitar playing. This is a cd that will quietly find a favourite place in your music collection.

Rick Bockner Trouble With The Moon

"Trouble With The Moon is Rick Bockner's first solo cd and is a collection of his original songs. From the Haunting jazz ballad "Rainy Night In Chinatown", to the evocative "Old Stone Walls", the humorus sports fishing sea shanty "The Tyee Song", and the pantheist hymn "Fragments of Perfection", this cd shows the range and poetry of a veteran musician and poet.
Rick grew up in the folk tradition, played in the 60's San Francisco band Mad River (Capitol Records), and then developed his own acoustic repertoire of great songs and fingerstyle accompaniment. He also is a guitarist of unusual depth and versatility, as his second cd "Fret Lizards" shows.
On "Trouble With The Moon" Rick explores the terrain of family, nature, blues, and lost history with rare sensitivity and perception. He is assisted by some of Vancouver's best musicians including Simon Kendall (who also produced the CD), Pat Steward (drums), Keith Bennett (harmonica), Peggy Lee (cello), and other veterans of the studios. The end result is a rich and varied landscape of songs that make the listener laugh, cry, think, and feel as they hear them.