Harmonic Hatchery Band
The Harmonic Hatchery Band --- This is an ensemble that specializes in jazz for children (although we haven't been able to accurately observe an upper age limit on the word, "children".) Members of the band have released a cassette containing twenty-three well-known children's songs from around the world, as well as a CD of entirely original material. Performances in Japan and North America have included jazz improvisation and rhythm workshops in elementary schools, jazz concerts in children's festivals and amusement parks and auditorium events in which forest-dwelling elves, fossilized men and piano-playing gorillas appear on stage to join in the music. One of the Harmonic Hatchery Band's intercultural programs that has received an enthusiastic response is a project that utilizes multi-track recording techniques to facilitate song-writing collaboration between elementary school children in Japan and North America.

Harmonic Hatchery Band Leave It All To The Music

Jazz, funk, and more in an album that is ostensibly "for kids", but who's to say what "kids" are, anyway......?

Music and Lyrics by jazz pianist Ron Hadley (ASCAP)


Ron Hadley: piano, all instruments (in real time via midi keyboard), sound samples & voice; Sue Klassen: voice; Gail Heavilin: voice; Jim Cameron: tenor & baritone saxophones; Jack Carder: trumpet & flugabone; Bob Neale: bass; Ray Brunelle: drums

Copyright 2001 by Ron Hadley

All Rights Reserved

Ron & Gail Sing Songs For Children

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Originally created as an English language learning tool for elementary school systems in Japan, this collection of 23 well-known children's songs from around the world has also received rave reviews from the 0 to 5 year-old crowd in North America as well as adult students of English as a second language. The songs are short, presented in tastefully simple arrangements and perfect for singing along.


Gail Heavilin: voices; Ron Hadley: all instruments, voice