Big Red Truck

Music and rhythm, slyly evocative lyrics and sweet vocals are what
drives the seven members of bigredtruck. Their sound is clean and
punchy, the rhythms are infectious and the stage show is filled
with energy and antics. In their secret laboratory in the Comox
Valley, b.r.t is busy infusing gypsy music with funk, reggae with
jazz and celtic with latin grooves. Musical innovation and the energy
of live performance is what keeps this band inspired.
Since bigredtruck's first show at the ValleyEdge Festival in the
late summer of 2001, fans of real live music have been treated to
some of the freshest, most energetic dance music the west coast
has to offer. From festivals to small town pubs, this band possesses
the musical skill and chemistry to drive any crowd to get out
of their seats and move to the rhythm.
Most of bigredtruck's material is hand crafted in the Comox Valley
while their cover songs range from Bob Marley to The Beatles to
Beethoven. Singer/songwriter Bobby Herron has been writing
and performing with bands like The B-Sides, Bob's Yer Uncle,
The Wingnuts and Millions of Brazilians in North America and
Europe for over a decade. bigredtruck's current songs are the result
of a long dedication to the art of writing and the craft of making

The Players

Bobby Herron - vocals, guitar
Meaghan Cursons - vocals, harmonica
Alan Jossul - guitars
Rachel Mooney - violin
Kevin McCann - bass
David Safford - drums
Brett Hearn - percussion

Birgit Running With The Wolves

Contemporary Folk singer, Birgit writes songs that touch hearts and souls and she creates melodies that lift spirits. "Birgit's music is pure and honest and thankfully free from cynicism in a world that needs more hope. She writes songs that make you feel glad to be alive", says Juno Award nominee Mae Moore about Birgit's songs. Having starting singing and song writing, just a few short years ago, Birgit has come a long way in a very short time. A two time BC Festival of Arts delegate for songwriters "who show promise for a professional career", Birgit's recordings from her second CD "Running with the Wolves" are part of a soundtrack for a documentary film slated for the 2002 Sun Dance Film Festival. She was invited to sing back up by Chloe Goodchild, artist director of V-Day 2001, held in Madison Square Gardens, New York City. In March she opened for Juno Award Winner and International Recording Artist, Susan Aglukark at the West Coast Women's Music Festival. 

Quotable Quotes “Birgit’s voice touches a deep vein of longing and beauty for the inexpressible which arrests and nourishes the hearts of her listeners. Her singing brings healing balm to the hungry soul” - Chloe Goodchild, singer, musical director and producer Vday 2001, Madison Square Garden, N.Y. “Birgit’s music is pure and honest and thankfully free from cynicism in a world that needs more hope. She writes songs that make you feel glad to be alive.” - Mae Moore, singer, international recording artist and Juno award nominee “This girl has a deadly voice and a way with a lyric that is truly charming” - Ron Hynes, singer, international recording artist and East Coast Music award winner “Birgit’s music fills my space with love and joy” - Ann Mortifee, singer and officer of the Order of Canada “Birgit sings sweetly and plays with intensity. When she sings she opens herself right up. It’s quite awesome because she reveals what a lot of people are afraid to look at and does so with humor and aliveness. Her songs are very catchy and you find yourself humming them. They infiltrate your psyche” - Joanna Finch, music reviewer, The Voice Magazine

Cumberland Musician's Collective Rhythm & Green

A Compilation of Songs to benefit the Cumberland Community Forest Society

Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie Ghosts

From The Georgia Straight
Vancouver, BC

The groove’s the thing for Hurrie and Cox

By Alexander Varty

Publish Date: 23-Mar-2006

If it’s hard to picture Sam Hurrie as a bluesman, it’s even harder to believe that he was once a Churl. A slight, serious-looking man, Hurrie could easily be taken for an aging intellectual, and with his soft voice and gentle laugh he sounds like one, too. But put a guitar in his hands and it’s quickly apparent that he’s a blues virtuoso, and that he’s been playing that music for a long time. Since the late 1950s, in fact, when first Buddy Holly and then John Lee Hooker changed his life.

“I grew up in Toronto, and I started playing just before Buddy Holly got killed,” Hurrie explains on the line from his home in Cumberland, on Vancouver Island. “I really liked Buddy Holly because I thought ‘If that short, geeky little guy with glasses can go onto The Ed Sullivan Show and do that, I can probably do that too.’ And then after I’d been playing for maybe six months I was doing my homework one night—I think I was in Grade 9—and I accidentally tuned my radio to one of the black stations that used to broadcast across the lake from Buffalo and Rochester, New York. ‘Boogie Chillen’ came on, by John Lee Hooker, and that was the first blues I ever heard.”

By the mid-1960s, Hurrie was taking a serious interest in acoustic blues, while also playing electric guitar for the aforementioned Churls. “We were basically a very derivative Rolling Stones–type band,” he says dismissively. But the would-be rock stars were good enough that they were soon lured away to New York City, where they became the house band at the Scene, one of the era’s leading nightclubs. John Lennon and Paul McCartney came to see them play. Jimi Hendrix was an occasional jamming partner. Fame eluded them, though, and eventually Hurrie came back to Canada, settling in Powell River.

“Starting in about 1970, I took 35 years off,” he says.

Since retiring from his paper-mill job and moving to Vancouver Island, however, Hurrie’s been making a quiet return to his days as a touring musician, most often in the company of his neighbour Doug Cox, an internationally acclaimed Dobro and slide-guitar specialist. And pleasant though their debut, Hungry Ghosts, might be, it only hints at the subtle depths of concerts like the one they’ll give at Rime next Friday (March 31).

Both Cox and Hurrie are great guitarists. Hurrie has a very fine voice. And between them, the two are developing a particularly lovely and unforced kind of on-stage chemistry. They’re obviously respectful of each other—and of the material they play, which ranges from Delta-blues classics to raga-inspired instrumentals to original songs.

“We’re kind of hoping that the music will be what sells the shows, as opposed to tap-dancing bats,” says Cox, interviewed from his own Cumberland home.

“We have the same approach, in that the groove’s the thing, to paraphrase Shakespeare,” Hurrie adds. “We do very few tunes that don’t involve generous portions of groove. We also spend a lot of time listening to each other, and if Doug starts taking a tune in a certain way that I wouldn’t have thought of, I’ll go, ‘Oh, this is new. This works well for me.’ Then I’ll kind of follow along—and he does the same. So it’s structured, but it’s very loose at the same time. We try to leave lots of air, and lots of room for innovation and for improvisation.”

Innovation and improvisation will soon become an even larger part of Cox and Hurrie’s musical life, for their duo is on the verge of becoming a trio with the addition of Bangalore-born, Montreal-based percussionist Ganesh Anandan.

“We’re going to have to rethink everything we do, because we don’t want it to look like it’s just Doug and Sam with a percussionist,” Cox says. “We want it to look like a real trio, so I think it’s going to really stretch all of us a lot, because we’re going to be heading off into a lot of new directions.”

Directions that might include Tuvan-influenced overtone singing and Weather Report covers; Cox is eager to explore some relatively radical instrumental techniques, and he reports that Anandan is capable of a variety of vocal and percussive styles beyond those of South India. But as long as Hurrie’s in the picture, the blues will remain the cornerstone of their music.

“I’m always drawn back to the appeal of Robert Johnson,” says the veteran guitarist. “Why does he speak to us across the generations? I mean, why is it that you can listen to ‘Hellhound on My Trail’ and it’ll still make the hair on the back of your neck stand up? I don’t know if we’ll ever really know the answer to that question, but there’s an agelessness and a timelessness about the blues that has always appealed to me.”

Doug Cox Life Is So Peculiar

Doug Cox is known as one of Canada's finest slide steel guitar players.Life Is So Peculiar is a rewarding journey for the listener as Cox moves strongly into a new blues sound and style. The title song features a duet with Blues great Amos Garrett. The single My First Bike exhibits both the strength of Cox's songwriting skills and his ability to "rock" witht he best of them.

Genre - Roots/Blues

Track Listing:

  1. Mother Earth
  2. Life Is So Peculiar
  3. Johnny Too Bad/Blackberry Blossom
  4. My First Bike
  5. Born To Be Blue
  6. Brother Bill
  7. The Sun Sometimes Shines
  8. Black Girl
  9. Rope Strchin' Blues
  10. Wake Up Lisa/Mary Grieg
  11. Further Along/Water Too Wide
  12. The Blues Came To Canada

Gordon Carter
Rivers & Roads

Gordon’s debut CD "Rivers & Roads" has been a long time coming. The CD, produced by Doug Cox, was released in July 2005, and contains 13 self-penned tracks . It features some of BC’s finest musicians such as Daniel Lapp, Diamond Joe White, Tammy Fassaert and Sue Pyper.

Gordon Carter is a rare breed in this world. He writes from the heart and writes about his local heritage and homeland. He is the kind of songwriter that defies time. In this day of mass-produced music, his work stands up against the classic songwriters of our day. If we had a 2005 Woodstock, Gordon Carter would be there.

with Tammy Fassaert

17-song Vancouver Island compilation features Susie McGregor, Genevieve, Birgit, Pameila Keld, Tammy Fassaert, Cathy Kalyniuk, Jennifer Durrant, Kerry Joy Moilliet, Norbury & Finch

Joanna Finch
In The Arms Of Morpheus

Joanna 's debut solo CD

Joanna Finch is a uniquely entertaining singer/songwriter who swings smoothly between jazz/blues and original, contemporary folk. Her songs have been described as tender, biting, quirky and sensual. Her voice conveys spine tingling emotion and she is renowned for her captivating stage presence. Joanna's influences are as divergent as her writing style with comparisons made to Jane Siberry, Cole Porter and Tom Waits. 

Joanna's debut solo CD 'In The Arms of Morpheus' is out and running along side some of Western Canada's most celebrated musicians including Juno Award winners, Zubot and Dawson, Buff Allen, Ken Lister, Miles Black, John Reischman, Ron Thompson, Blackie Du Bois and producer, guest guitarist Pat Coleman. Previous recordings include two CDs with her folk partner, Judy Norbury of Norbury & Finch 'Tease For Two', (2000); 'Circular Motion' EP,(2004) and three compilation CDs,Peace, a compilation of poems stories and songs from Saltspring Island, (2004) 'Rhythm and Green' The Cumberland Musicians Collective,(2002) and The Jewels of The Island, (2001) under the Highland Music label.

pianist Miles Black www.milesblack.com
Zubot and Dawson www.zubotanddawson.com/
drummer Buff Allen http://homepage.mac.com/buff_allen/home.html
mandolinist John Reishman www.johnreischman.com
bass player Ken Lister www.kenlister.com
producer, guitarist Pat Coleman www.roadhouserecords.ca

Norbury & Finch Tease For Two

This charismatic and quirky duo, offer a unique performing style with their evocative and adventurous songs.

Norbury & Finch swing easily through an astonishingly wide range of styles and encompass numbers in a folk tradition bordering on medieval madrigal, a capella, blues, jazz and rock, all delivered in an easy and unselfconscious manner.
The obvious rapport between Judy and Joanna is a reflection of their mutual admiration and affection for each other. One seems to inspire the other to take risks in their music as well as their personal lives. Finch accompanies Norbury's guitar and dulcimer on a variety of instruments - including the almost famous invisible nose-cornet - and Norbury has mastered the art of 'playing her face' to excellent effect. They create a relaxed atmosphere and easy rapport with their audiences, making even the biggest venue seem intimate and friendly.

Born in India and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Judy spent much of early adult life participating in the west-coast music scene. She has played at concerts and folk festivals throughout British Columbia, Canada, primarily on Vancouver Island where she has made her home for the past 25 years. With two albums, and a vast repertoire of original songs ranging from bluegrass to folk-rock, Judy is an established and respected artist throughout Vancouver Island.

Judy Norbury is a blithe spirit that knows no limitations. Through her songs she extols the abundance of love, laughter and whimsy that has propelled her along her journey of life. Judy plays guitar and Appalachian mountain dulcimer and sings, with a voice that is both rich and sweet, songs with humour, melancholy and courage. The lyrics in her songs document her personal experiences in a way that is both powerful and intimate.

Raised in Victoria, BC, Canada, Joanna Finch spent most of her life living in various B.C. coastal villages until she moved to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in 1990. A humorist by nature, Joanna enjoys playing with words and vocal mimicry to add a dramatic flair to her compositions. Trained in classical voice at the Victory Conservatory as a child, and in jazz as an adult, Joanna's broad range of styles is reflected in her music.

Inspired by Judy's provocative songs, Joanna first started performing seven years ago as an accompanist to Judy, adding harmony and rhythm with flute, viola, penny whistle, hand drum, and singing some of her own folk compositions. As the duo developed, Joanna's jazz background contributed to the duo's eclectic and unusual style. Her knack for creating harmony and interesting arrangements, coupled with the duo's blending of voices, make them renowned for their a capella songs. With a voice that moves from sultry blues and soothing Celtic, to the nasal whine of her own special nose cornet, Joanna's vocal gymnastics are an intriguing compliment to Judy's sure, clear voice.


Various Artists the Valley Christmas Album

A fantastic collection of Christmas songs performed by some of the Comox Valley's favorite recording artists.