John Gogo Leave A Light On

only 1 used cd in great condition

Released August 1997, this album was produced by Wayne Loronz (Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris, Slingblade soundtrack), David Kershaw (Sarah Mclachlan, Wild Strawberries) and John Gogo.

The majority of the album was recorded October 16-29 1995 with Sean Ashby (electric guitar, lap steel guitar, mandolin), Paul Brennan (drums, percussion), John Gogo (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric 12 string guitar), David Kershaw (B3 organ, Wurlitzer piano, accordion, percussion) and Brian Minato (bass guitar, string bass, Wurlitzer piano). These 5 musicians were joined for the two weeks by Wayne Lorenz. Additional recording took place later with Luke Doucet (electric guitar),Tommy Gogo (vocals, Mellotron), Camille Henderson (vocals) and Daniel Lapp (trumpet). John & David Kershaw produced these sessions. The recording was done at David's studio (The Glass Elevator) in Vancouver. David and Wayne recorded it and David mixed it. The album was mastered by Craig Waddell at Gotham City Studios, Vancouver. Songs 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, & 11 are published by Boulder Creek Publishing and Shaunsongs. Songs 4, 6, 7, & 10 published by Boulder Creek Publishing. Cold Cold Ground is published by Jalma Music (admin. by Ackee Music). All Songs are SOCAN except Cold Cold Ground is ASCAP.

Johnny Hanson Presents... Puck Rock Vol. 1

Very Rare and Out of Print Cassette (SEALED)

PUCK ROCK Cassette Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Volume 1
Starts kicking ass with the Hanson Brothers''Hockey Night Tonight' - a compilation that's entirely dedicated to hockey, Puck Rock Vol. 1 pays tribute to the only sport that makes no front teeth look fashionable. Bands like SNFU, Joey Sh*thead and Cub, Huevo Rancheros, D.O.A. and the Smugglers, Jughead, and of course NoMeansNo's alter ego The Hanson Brothers. Out of Print on CD. much more. Fun fun fun.

Karel Roessingh
Blue/Green live in concert

solo piano

recorded live in concert at the Alix Goolden Hall in 2001. Includes original compositions, jazz standards, traditional folk tunes, and the blues.

A native of Leiden, Holland, Karel was raised in Calgary, Canada. After studying piano, guitar, and percussion in his school years, Karel toured the British Isles with the Calgary Youth Orchestra and became a professional musician on his return in 1970. He toured North America with several groups and became vocal director/keyboardist of the show group "Stratus Faction", making his television debut on CTV with the group's own pilot program. In 1973, Karel studied jazz arranging and composition at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and completed a degree in secondary music and mathematics education at the University of Victoria in 1981. He has taught both privately and in public schools for students of all ages, and has been a featured specialist at numerous jazz workshops.

Karel has been a composer for film, television and video projects as a partner in Legacy Music Ltd. since 1985. He wrote the source music for the film In the Company of Men, which won the Filmmakers' Trophy at the 1997 Sundance Festival, and was an official selection for the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. He has also co-written music with Ken Williams for several internationally televised series, among them Police Academy - the series(Fox Network in USA, and networks in ninety countries), Undersea Explorer(Outdoor Living Network et al), Safari - Ocean Adventures, (on Discovery Canada, NHK Japan and others), Take Off children's series (on Family Channel, CTV et al), and The New Body Moves, an aerobics series (Canada-wide, also shown internationally), along with innumerable educational, corporate and travel videos, receiving national and international awards such as the Peabody Award, the ITVA world-wide award, and many others. Television credits also include a great many themes and scores for documentaries, news, drama and children's programs broadcast world-wide.

Karel has been keyboardist and/or musical director for a great number of musicals, stage presentations, and concerts, and his playing talents have led to engagements all over the world. His first solo album Keys, recorded in 1988 and distributed by Midsummer Music, has received wide critical acclaim. An album of Christmas carols entitled Do You Hear What I Hear? followed in 1991. Since then, on the Midsummer label (internationally distributed by Tandem Music), Karel has written, performed, and recorded four music and nature sounds albums, solo piano albums Piano by the Sea and Orca Suite, and orchestrations Classics for Relaxation (with Mark Bracken), and Wings of Summer. An orchestral suite co-written with Kenneth G. Williams for the Butchart Gardens was released in 1993 on the Holborne label. Another piano solo CD, Thinking of You - Themes of Friendship has been released by Midsummer in 1996. A jazz trio CD of original tunes entitled Cat Fud was also completed early in 1996.

In the field of children's music, Karel was musical director and keyboardist on Birds, Beasts and Babes by Pat Carfra (the lullaby lady), chosen by the Ladies' Home Journal as one of the six all-time best children's bedtime albums, keyboardist and arranger on John Demers' My Backyard, and George Dixon's series of children's musical stories. He has toured with Norman Foote and played regularly at Victoria's Glendale Lodge and the Queen Alexandra Children's Hospital with recording artist Mahri Sherlock.

Outside of his musical career, Karel was elected to be mayor in his home municipality, the District of Highlands , in December of 1999.

In his spare time, Karel still loves to play the piano and plays in clubs, concert halls and in the studio whenever possible. He writes jazz tunes for his own and other groups, and has played with jazz greats such as Bud Shank, Ian MacDougall, Pat LaBarbera, Don Clark, Floyd Standifer, Roy Reynolds and many well-known vocalists. He's regularly asked to play at jazz festivals as both leader and sideman, and leads his own trio and quintet regularly at the Victoria International Jazz Festival.

Katrina Kadoski

Katrina Kadoski is originally from Fort McMurray Alberta, where she won
the Rotary Music Festival's Best Alberta Vocalist at the age of nine.
She has become a skilled guitarist and also studied piano to accompany
eighteen years of vocal training, which include jazz and opera. Her
voice has been described as powerful, sweet, and unapologetic. She
released Whirlpools in 1998, her first full-length solo CD of original
songs. She has performed in Canada, the USA, Ireland, and England.
Currently she works as a publicist for Pacific Music Marketing.

Sizzling stage presence, and chilling harmonies

Formed in the autumn of 2002 by Victoria singer/songwriter Katrina
Kadoski and fiddler Velle Huscroft, Honeygirl made their debut at the
'M*Power Independent Music Awards' and following gigs at 'Thursdays Pub'
in Victoria and Malaspina College, a ten-day tour of Alberta included
appearances on top-rated local TV shows.
The group is now a five-piece band complete with guitar, fiddle, bass,
djembe, drums, piano, mandolin and three-part harmony

"Three-part harmonies and masterful instrumentals whisk the listener
through the songs, leaving them always wanting more, more, more! This is
a real opportunity to catch up-and-coming stars at the very beginning."
- Sunshine Folkfest





Ken Johnson
piano and nature interludes


Independant release
The debut release from Victoria’s hard rock outfit Kincaide is a double edged sword, the musicianship is tight, gripping and uncompromising, the vocal range is strong, but on the other hand the band has yet to find its own signature sound, often coming off as some sort of Tool cover-band or finding itself wreaking of trendy hard rock stereotypes to the point that I can almost envision the over-the-top pantomime gestures that are taking place with every scream or guitar solo. When the band strips away the façade and it’s genuine and impassioned intent shows through, the songs impact jumps significantly but these occasional cracks aren’t prominent enough to redeem the over-all lack of originality throughout this six track release. - Jesse Ladret Making their music heard over the ocean from Vancouver Island, this is a band who's clean parts easily match up with the distorted, and might even be a little bit better. The very first song of the album, The Indecision Of A Child, Ladies & Gentleman, opens undistorted and returns to that sound periodically during the song between heavier parts. The same goes for most of the others. There's screaming and distortion on every single track but a good part of the CD is pretty mellow. There's lots of switching from clean to equally catchy distorted riffs throughout all the songs, and the singing and screams take turns too. Trigger Time is the only track on here without much clean guitar at all, but there's a good mixture of speed and rhythm changes, and the kind of combination of shrieks and singing that you can definitely expect to hear from Kincaide. The vocals are pretty smooth and easy to understand. I can even make out most of the screams, which is good because a lot of other bands can't seem to scream actual words. Most of the songs have a pretty good length. The chorus in the almost ten minute long Failing To Recognize is the one that stuck in my head the most. Maybe it's the way it's sung or maybe it's what I think are the words "She's like a knife broken in my neck and digging in." Whatever the reason, it stands out. There aren't many other parts on the album that let the songs stand out overly much, at least not against each other. They're all on pretty much the same level. I'm not saying any of the songs are bad; they're all actually pretty good. And I'm not saying they all sound the same either. There's just not really anything that pushes any far beyond the rest. If you like one song, chances are you will like them all. The CD is slightly more than half an hour long, but only 6 songs. Maybe with a few more songs on it they could have really shown what they've got, 'cause it definitely sounds like they have a lot to offer. If you're ever in Victoria, or if they happen to play near you, I'd say Kincaide is worth checking out. review by Cory  at  punkcanada.net

Low Down Rattles of Rhythm

The Wild Man (James McRae): drums, vocals
Marc Atkinson: guitars, vocals, mandolin
Scott White: Upright & Electric Bass, Vocals

Lori Pappajohn
Celtic Harp Of Dreams

Poetic music inspired by first snow, friendships and loves that could have been, landscapes, ancient Greece and distant shores. "The water is wide, I can't cross o're, neither have I the wings to fly. Build me a boat to carry two and I will row, my love and I."

Louise Eldridge

Mosaic - original compositions with piano, cello, flute and violin

In the Mosaic, Louise shares her complex and soulful compositions - music that was inspired by many moving experiences over the last few years. Louise has not only composed the music for Mosaic but has written the instrumentation as well.

“I hope you may choose this album to be among your favorite CD’s; to listen to while spending some quiet time with yourself or loved ones; in front of a fire, reading a book, sailing on calm seas or in your special warm retreat. Find your favorite place, close your eyes, relax and absorb the strong emotions that are woven into my reflective compilation”. Louise Eldridge

Musicians: S. Stoikva, violin – Ms. Stoikva has performed for numerous symphonies throughout Europe. Her exquisite weaving of melody and harmony enhance the quiet passages of this album. Paula Kiffner, cello - Her supple motions of the bow denote her artistic ability. This Salt Spring, B.C. resident has been a member of many symphonies, including Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. She is currently the head cellist for the Victoria Conservatory. Paula’s cello may be found on Celine Dion’s latest Christmas album. Alan Cottell, flute - Alan has given this album a unique sound, creating a style reminiscent of light jazz accompaniment. Alan is a resident of Victoria and is a teacher of music, voice and film.

Produced by TC Eldridge Productions

Marc Atkinson Trio II

The trio’s new CD-The Marc Atkinson Trio II, recorded at Vancouver’s Mushroom Studios pursues a direction similar to that of the first. But the group interplay displayed on tunes like the intricate arrangement of Bix Beiderbeck’s, In A Mist and the dazzling original, Fredrick’s Closet, heralds a new level of musicianship and creativity for the trio. Whether finessing the beautiful jazz standard Tenderly, segueing from Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique to The Sunshine of Your Smile or pounding out the playful power chords that begin Boilermaker, one of seven Atkinson originals that grace the CD, the trio maintains its exciting, unique musical identity.

This is jazz that is original, complex and challenging in its conception and delivery but remains accessible and absorbing. The music of The Marc Atkinson Trio good-naturedly welcomes all listeners aboard for an intriguing, exhilarating and unforgettable ride.