Ford Pier

CD (October 6, 1995)

Very Rare and Out of Print

Ford is a western Canadian prodigy, having performed in such bands as Junior Gone Wild and D.O.A., and now a part of the brilliant Veda Hille ensemble and the NoMeansNo side project Show Business Giants. A wildly brilliant and diverse guitarist and singer.


Backflips and Balloon Animals

Geoffrey Kelly Gringo Star

All tunes composed, played and recorded by Geoffrey Kelly at Basecamp Studio. Mixed by Colin Nairne with help/hindrance from Mr. Kelly at Basecamp Studio. Mastered & assembled by Colin Nairne at Red Room Studio.


    Issue #99 April/May 2002 By Tom Nelligan

    "Gringo Star is the debut solo disc from Scottish-born Vancouver raised flute & whistle player Geoffrey Kelly, who's best known for his work as the wind section of the bands Spirit of the West and the Paperboys. The material is all original instrumentals that confirm Kellys considerable compositional skills in creating something of a heady Canadian microbrew from fine imported Irish and Scottish ingredients. In addition to proficiently blowing into various wooden and metal tubes, he accompanies himself with mixes of guitars, keyboards, bass, and light percussion Some arrangements sound very traditional, like the moody air "The Lonely Biker"; others add jazzy backbeats like the cheerful reel "Sunflower Girl" and it's all great exhilarating music.
    March/ April 2002 By Martin Gilham

    ".........all instrumental, all highly celtic, and all highly infectious with Geoffrey playing all the instruments - the spirit lives...."

Gettin' Higher Choir
Live at the Kaleidoscope Theater

Features many songs from the South African Freedom Movement, and several from the African American tradition, as well as six of composer Harold Moses’ Sacred Geometer Canticles.

Gordon Clements
Mingus, Mancini & Us

" I am going to play the truth of what I am." Charles Mingus

The ensemble is essentially a working trio (Rob, Clint, and I) which has been augmented with a guest (first Lou and then Louise). I didn't start out with the intention of playing so many instruments but as the arrangements came together it seemed to make sense. The tunes, a mixture of originals and standards, also suggested themselves as we began to discuss the recording.

I have worked regularly with Rob Cheramy for many years. His playing and writing have been a constant source of inspiration not only for me but for musicians throughout the western Canadian jazz community.

Someone once said old musicians need to work as often as possible with young musicians. I don't think I quite qualify as old but Clint Ryder certainly qualifies as young. He is perhaps the most serious 22 year old I know and is definitely one of the finest bass players I've worked with.

Lou Williamson is both a great percussionist and a great friend. The role of the drums on this date was very delicate. Everything was to be recorded live off the floor so Lou had to provide energy without being too strong. As usual his playing was perfect.

You can never do as much as you like on a project like this so early on I began to imagine the next one. Our moments in the studio with Louise Rose were like a wonderful dream which ended too soon. I am already looking forward to the next opportunity.

Louise's strength, both musical and personal, is well known. We recorded Dreamsville twice. Both versions can only be described as magical and it was the clock that decided which one we used.

Paul Horn is a legend. His incredibly vast experience in all aspects of the music business make him the kind of producer anyone would love to have. I can't thank him enough for all the help, inspiration, and friendship that he freely gave all of us.

GORDON CLEMENTS soprano & alto sax, clarinet & bass clarinet, flute
CLINT RYDER contrabass
LOU WILLIAMSON drums & vibes
LOUISE ROSE piano & voice

Recorded October 1997, Seacost Sound, Victoria, BC
Produced by PAUL HORN
Recorded and mixed by BOB BENSON
Assistant engineer JESSE BANNERMAN
Original artwork by ROBERT AMOS
Photography by ART TURENNE

Greg Joy
Celtic Secrets

very very rare

Highly decorative "folk-baroque" guitar compositions combined with the beautiful sounds of flutes, dulcimer and viola da Gamba weave a magical spell upon these enchanting traditional Celtic melodies.

Gruff, The
A Goat On Every Floor

currently unavailable

A Goat on Every Floor was made possible by the Canada Council of the Arts and has been awarded The "100.3 The Q! Album of the Year" award at the 3rd Annual Island Music Awards in Victoria May 2004. We recorded A Goat on Every Floor with our good friend Adrian Dolan who plays with The Bill's (formerly The Bill Hilly Band). It was mastered by Joby Baker at Baker Studios. I can honestly say that it's the best CD ever. The most exciting thing about this CD (besides the influence of Adrian, and the greatest graphics ever seen) is that unlike our first CD, A Goat on Every Floor is full of original music!

The Progressive Science of Breeding Idiots for a Dumber Society

CD (April 28, 1995)

Very Rare and Out of Print

The CD was produced by Ken Jensen of D.O.A. And the Hanson Brothers, who tragically died in a house fire just before the CD was released. The CD includes bonus tracks by Red Tide, Ken's earlier band. A nice collectible of a very rockin' band.

The Making of Him

This second full length outing of Mr. Henderson and Mr. Kerr continues on in the tradition of their first cd but in a darker vein. Be it "Burnt Popcorn", "Satyricon For Lunch" or that delightful little ditty "Anti-Fascist Song For Mom", The Making Of Him always manages to strike a delicate balance between tearing it up and ripping it all to pieces. Featured on one song is a guest song stylist from Middlesbrough and on another a man playing wind-up fluffy bunny. A must.

Holly Arntzen It’s A Matter Of Heart

It’s A Matter Of Heart was produced between 1994 and 1996. It features Holly with David Sinclair on guitar, and other well known Vancouver musicians including guitarist Stephen Nikleva, bassist Tom Christiansen and harmonica player Keith Bennett. The title track was composed by Stan Rogers. The album addresses the issues of environment and social justice. It was produced by Tom Newman, the co-producer of "Tubular Bells I & II" (Mike Oldfield), and Bill Buckingham (Skywalk).