Spirit of the West

Spirit of the West Open Heart Symphony

very rare

A live performance with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, captured at the Orpheum Theatre by Greg Reely and Don Harder. Project so complex to organise that crew and management suffered night terrors for months leading up to it. Band oblivious to concerns. Arrangements by George Blondheim -- raconteur, bon vivant & repository of jokes which should only be told in the loo.

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Spirit of the West
Tell Me What I Think

1 used cd very rare demo in good condition

5 versions of 'Tell Me What You Think'

Spirit of the West
Hit Parade

Hit Parade marks the culmination of our recording contract with Warner Music Canada. We are one of the rare bands who actually fulfilled such a long and parsimonious relationship with a large and somewhat unwieldy label.

This set of songs was compiled with much discussion between the band and the executives at Warner, to whom kudos belong for being so patient and accomodating of the band's wishes.

The cover graphics was overseen by Vince, who appears on the centre of the front as the drummer of his father's band in Lethbridge AB at the age of 6.

There are four songs from the Open Heart Symphony sessions, which were mixed especially for this compilation, and appear nowhere else. "That's Amore" features Vince on vocals ...

Spirit of the West
Weights and Measures

CD (April 17, 1998)
Label: Wea
Recorded in Britain in April/May of 1997, this album cost a small fortune. The band shall therefore use this space to cajole you to buy it, in order that they may recoup their horrifying losses.

Spirit of the West
Two Headed

CD (June 4, 1996)
Original Release Date: April 1996

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Once again recorded at Mushroom Studios, but this time co-produced by Ken Marshall....You can get anything from AmWay, even a record producer. Album is multi-level; a pyramid of sounds, really. Between John & Vince's trips to the wine store at 41st & Cambie and the Foosball games, the band recorded tracks such as "Tell Me What I Think," "Unplugged," and "Mildred."

Released in 1995.

Spirit of the West

CD (May 10, 1994)
Original Release Date: 1994
Label: Elektra/Asylum

Recorded in 1993, Faithlift has made DJs sound as if they're lisping ever since. Tracked at Mushroom Studios, produced and engineered by Michael Phillip Wojewoda.

Includes "Five Free Minutes," "...And if Venice is Sinking..." & "Sadness Grows" (which for some bizarre reason is referred to as "Saunders Grows" by German radio).

Faithlift project holds all-time record for hours spent trying to get an accordion in-tune.

Spirit of the West
Go Figure

CD (August 26, 1996)
Label: Bmg

1991 effort, recorded at Vancouver Studios by the charming and effervescent Joe Chiccarelli.

Vince Ditrich's first album with SOTW. Mann moved to electric guitar, and Kelly began playing acoustic. Guitar string manufacturers rejoiced.

Not to be mistaken for "Faithlift" which won a Juno award for its artwork. Features "Goodbye Grace," "D for Democracy" & "Far Too Canadian."

Spirit of the West
Save This House

CD (December 12, 2001)
Label: Wea
also released: Oct 20, 1992
Label: Elektra Entertainment
The first major label release for SOTW. Recorded in 1989 at Mushroom Studios by Danny Greenspoon. Linda McRae's first appearance. Includes such favourites as "The Old Sod", "Home For a Rest", and "Save This House". Also includes a guest appearance by Rob Menzies on bagpipes. As pipers get even less session work than trombonists, this is worth mentioning.

Spirit of the West Political

very rare used cd in very good condition

Spirit of the West - Political EP * RARE* German
This is a very hard CD to come across. A must have for a SOTW fan as it includes 2 tracks not found anywhere else!!