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"Noontide" - a term used by German philospoher, Neitzche - with reference to the Apocalypse

This LP (now on CD from GrooveDigger Records - GDR22) was written and recorded by Barry Newman (publisher of Cosmic Debris Musicians Magazine) at Studio One, Vancouver, BC, in August, 1974. It is one of the province's first real "indie" recordings. Newman, who had previously performed in Victoria-based bands Pastime, As Sheriff and Buckeye, plays electric guitar, 12-string acoustic and sings most of the lead vocals.

The four members of Noontide, aged 18 to 21, packed a rented car with as much gear as they could squeeze in, and hopped the ferry to Vancouver to record the project in five days. During the evenings that week, Bryan Adams and John Booth were recording Sweeny Todd in the same studio (Booth now owns a record store in Courtenay and plays in a classic rock band called XLR8).

Some of the studio's commercial accounts (large department stores; there were only a couple of studios in BC at the time), kept interrupting the band's allotted daily sessions to fix up radio jingles, etc. So by late Friday afternoon, instead of having 40 hours to produce the album, only 17 hours had gone into recording the tracks... leaving only 90 minutes left to mix the entire album (other acts were booked with the studio and the band had just enough pesos left for the ferry ride back to the Island).

Considering the multi-tracking of the saxes (at times sounding like a blend of Glen Miller and Blodwyn Pig), this was quite a feat (single songs often take over 100 hours to produce). The studio's echo unit was being repaired, so reverb had to suffice in accenting the band's trademark "psychedelic" guitar/sax harmonies (more dramatic at their live shows).

Jack Connolly
Open Stage

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Michael Bhatti bass on tracks 4 & 10
Ben Butler guitar-case percussion on “Hoochie Coochie Man”
Bob Campbell drums
Jack Connolly acoustic & electric guitars and vocals
Brent Hutchinson alto sax
David K. bass on all tracks except 4 & 10. National guitar on “Sonny”
Daniel Lapp violin
Scott McCrady harmonica

"I was thoroughly impressed by [Jack Connolly's] lyrical intelligence, musical ability, and . . . stage presence. Connolly's original compositions shine."

Toby Nilsson,Cosmic Debris, April 2002

"The 12-song disk moves seamlessly through [Connolly's] repertoire of stage-tested originals. . . with a pair of covers paying homage to influences Carlos Santana and blues legend Willie Dixon. Weaving his"folky/bluesy" style into what co-producer K. coined "acousti-pop" Connolly proves why he has garnered the kind of attention he has since sharing the stage with folk icon Valdy at the age of 12. The songs range from heart-wrenching ballads like "Sonny" to the straight ahead 12-bar blues number "(Who's Gonna) Clean Up This Mess?" Tunes like "Waiting for the Call" and "A Touch of Grace" show the song-smith's advanced ability to tell a good story delivered with confidence and control."

The Pictorial, 8 July 2001