Ann Mortifee Journey To Kairos

Ann Mortifee's Journey To Kairo

available on LP format

Ann Mortifee's 'Journey To Kairos'

Written after Ann returned from travelling in Lebanon, India, Greece and Africa. A passionate, highly - charged album full of very unique songs.

Cathy Miller



"This album (my first), was inspired by many camping trips to Taylor Lake in the Gatineau Hills outside of Ottawa. Several of the songs were written there. Produced by Ian Tamblyn, and featuring musicians such as Ian Robb (concertina), Roy Forbes (guitar), Lynn Miles (background vocals). A very acoustic/folk album with many pastoral overtones." Cathy Miller

Produced - Ian Tamblyn
Cathy Miller - vocals, acoustic guitar, wind chimes
Paul Bourdreau - acoustic and electric guitars
Phil Bova - acoustic and electric bass
Ian Tamblyn - piano, DX7
Mary Simpson, Louise Kwan, Lynn Miles - background vocals
Roy Forbes - guitar on "I Used to be a Singer"
Ian Robb - concertina on "Duncan's Cove"
Peter Chapin - piano on "Not a Love Story"
Bruce Wittet - drums on "Blue Skies"
Ed Dick - wind chimes

All songs by Cathy Miller except "Not a Love Story".
Music - Ginette Bellavance, lyrics - Tina Horne
From the NFB Studio D film Not a Love Story


Wanna Be A Star

Bill Henderson
SEALED CD (January 6, 2004)
Original Release Date:1981
Label:Solid Gold Records
Reissue of the Canadian Power Rock Group's 1981 Album that all Music Guide Rates as their Best with
4. 5 Stars (Out of 5).

Christmas On The Coast Various Artists

Out Of Print
Issued only in cassette format
Label:JR Country Radio 93.7 - Canada

Currently Unavailable

RARE 1988 Christmas Benefit Cassette

This is an ultra rare Christmas cassette issued only in Canada by the Vancouver’s country radio station JR Country. This was sold in 1988 as a benefit to raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital. You’d be hard pressed to find this Christmas collection anywhere.

David Foster Self Titled

CD (October 25, 1990)
Original Release Date: 1986
Label: Atlantic

Eileen McGann Elements


"Elements is as fresh and invigorating as the winds that sweep down from her native Canada"
-The Valley Advocate, MA.

"Her songs are Canadian to the core, merging traditional songs with her own intelligent, graceful compositions
to lift Elements far above most of the current crop. A special treat."
- Folk Roots, England

Bill Craig - Harmony Vocals
Ron Harry - Cello
Susan Hoo Kong - Harmony Vocals
Grit Laskin - Mandolin, Concertina, Smallpipes
Jim McMillan - Harmony Vocals
Eileen McGann - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar
Cathy Miller - Harmony Vocals
Sean Mulrooney - Guitars, Harmony Vocals
Garnet Rogers - Flute, Fiddle
Mary Simpson - Harmony Vocals
Dick Smith - Percussion
Ken Whiteley - Mandolin, Guitar, Piano, DX7
David Woodhead - Electric and Acoustic Bass

Gary Fjellgaard Time and Innocence


Gary Fjellgaard - 'Time and Innocence'. From the intimate theatre to the outdoor stage, Gary Fjellgaard effortlessly bridges the gap between country and folk, drawing his audience in with the magic of lyrical imagery. Stories and songs of wind swept prairies, rushing rivers, the working man, cowboy heroes and romance insinuate themselves in listener's hearts and minds with their sheer honesty and warmth all ringing true as the man himself. Uniquely Canadian, this prairie-raised west coast balladeer is a champion of vanishing values and frontier spirit. Gary's songs about lone horsemen riding through verdant valleys and along moonlit mountainside trails are not fabricated solely from his imagination. He keeps in touch with his roots riding in the Annual Kamloops Cattle Drive, and has entertained at Cowboy gatherings from Calgary to Tucson. After 25 years as a professional musician, with seven of his songs being picked as Song of the Year, Gary Fjellgaard looks back on hundreds of towns and cities, thousands of gigs, and hundreds of thousands of listeners who have been touched profoundly by his music. "He is a poet of the extravagantly good side of human spirit; breathtakingly sane and compassionate."

Greg Joy and Mark Bracken
A Magical Christmas

label:North Star Records


Well-known traditional Christmas carols are delicately and intricately plyed on psaltry, hammer dulcimer, 6 & 12 string guitars, cello, flute and recorder. There is a strong "Olde English" Elizabethan feel to this album.

Irish Rovers
The Rovers

Serial # ACDM 1095
re-issued on CD

Last 1 of a very rare release on CD

Joni Mitchell Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm

Release Date: 25 October, 1990
Label: Geffen

Back when Joni Mitchell first began to make a name for herself as a singer and songwriter, what appeared to matter most about her music was the words. Sure, the melodies were important – she was a songwriter, after all, not a poet – but they always seemed secondary, merely a framework for her energies and the ideas of her lyrics.

As Mitchell has grown older, however, the assumed priority of words over music has slowly reversed itself; what is being said in her songs has become less important than how it is being said. This shift in emphasis can partially be chalked up to her flirtations with jazz – it's kind of difficult to keep the focus on Joni Mitchell when the title proclaims Mingus – but for the most part, her shift in focus has less to do with musical style than with an attention to form, as she wrestles with music itself in an attempt to make the form of her songs as telling as their content.

Ambitious? You bet, and as Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm makes clear, it does have its merits. It isn't simply that her wordplay is unusually clean and concise; she's finally found a credible means with which to merge literary devices with musical ones. "My Secret Place," for instance, uses its duet format and the similarities between her voice and Peter Gabriel's to illustrate the shifting confidences of shared intimacy, swapping lines or pulling back into separate verses as the balance within the relationship wobbles and shifts. "Lakota" goes even further, building its cadences off the rhythms of a native-American chant to lend Mitchell's lyrics an almost folkloric cast.

Still, those aren't the sort of qualities anyone is likely to notice without concentrating some, and that's indicative of the album's Achilles' heel. Chalk Mark may have its strengths as a piece of songwriting, but melodic accessibility isn't one of them. Mitchell has no trouble setting up a hypnotic catch phrase strong enough to hold a song together, but she doesn't seem quite up to matching that construction with an equally strong melody line. As a result, the verses to "Number One" and "The Tea Leaf Prophecy" come across almost as afterthoughts, as if they'd been sketched in over the painstaking rhythm bed.

Unsurprisingly, the album is at its most confident when Mitchell reworks existing melodies, as in her eerie resetting of "Corrina, Corrina" within "A Bird That Whistles" or her subtly stunning remake of the cowboy classic "Cool Water."

To her credit, the sound of Chalk Mark is slick and enticing, with Mitchell making the most of her wide-ranging musical guests (the most unlikely and effective being Billy Idol, who growls engagingly through "Dancin' Clown"). Alluring as its surface is, though, this album doesn't invite repeated listenings; in that sense, Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm is all too aptly named, for its pleasures simply wash away with time. (RS 524)