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Thinking Out Loud

Banjo Jim Erkiletian The Stoneman Tape

A rare recording of Willie Thrasher and Banjo Jim.
Jim's like an Arlo or a Woody Guthrie. A travellin' minstrel who writes and sings songs the way he sees it. A storyteller.


Barry Newman







"Noontide" - a term used by German philospoher, Neitzche - with reference to the Apocalypse

This LP (now on CD from GrooveDigger Records - GDR22) was written and recorded by Barry Newman (publisher of Cosmic Debris Musicians Magazine) at Studio One, Vancouver, BC, in August, 1974. It is one of the province's first real "indie" recordings. Newman, who had previously performed in Victoria-based bands Pastime, As Sheriff and Buckeye, plays electric guitar, 12-string acoustic and sings most of the lead vocals.

The four members of Noontide, aged 18 to 21, packed a rented car with as much gear as they could squeeze in, and hopped the ferry to Vancouver to record the project in five days. During the evenings that week, Bryan Adams and John Booth were recording Sweeny Todd in the same studio (Booth now owns a record store in Courtenay and plays in a classic rock band called XLR8).

Some of the studio's commercial accounts (large department stores; there were only a couple of studios in BC at the time), kept interrupting the band's allotted daily sessions to fix up radio jingles, etc. So by late Friday afternoon, instead of having 40 hours to produce the album, only 17 hours had gone into recording the tracks... leaving only 90 minutes left to mix the entire album (other acts were booked with the studio and the band had just enough pesos left for the ferry ride back to the Island).

Considering the multi-tracking of the saxes (at times sounding like a blend of Glen Miller and Blodwyn Pig), this was quite a feat (single songs often take over 100 hours to produce). The studio's echo unit was being repaired, so reverb had to suffice in accenting the band's trademark "psychedelic" guitar/sax harmonies (more dramatic at their live shows).

Bill Johnson Blues Band, The LIVE









Bill Johnson is on the move with his 2nd cd release " The Bill Johnson Blues Band 'LIVE' ".

His first cd "Why I Sing the Blues", is a collaboration between Bill and top US and Canadian poets.
Debuting to sold out shows in Vancouver and Victoria, Bill is beginning to be seen by a wider audience.

When the first version of his band debuted, Victoria's Times-Colonist dubbed him "Victoria's Guitar Flame Thrower" after his performance at the International Jazz Festival. The title has stuck even though Johnson's style has matured. While his contemporaries have pursued FM rock's version of the blues, Bill's style is more that of yesteryear, citing his influences as Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, Eric Clapton, and BB King.

Previously Bill Johnson has been heard with Vancouver Island's Auntie Kate on her debut CD, and then again on a collaborative blues CD featuring Bill. In 1998 Bill teamed up with Grammy Award Winning Texas Bluesman Don Johnson for the CD "Donald Ray". Songs from that CD are currently play-listed on cable's Galaxy Networks blues channels, and on CBC radio, as well as some US stations.

Bill is very proud of his band. Featuring the multi-talented Gary Preston on harp, piano, and voice, Rick Erickson on acoustic/electric bass, and Paul Nixon on drums. The versatility of this band is amazing and sure to please blues fans everywhere.

Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell - Over sensitive, middle aged male, Singer/Songwriter from the Cowichan Valley (Vancouver Island, Canada), releases his first CD, "ditchflowers".

....."valley famous", "man about town", "all around nice guy", seeks other valleys and towns where ditchflowers bloom.

.....make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, 'it's gotta mean somethin' or what's the use...folk music? from the heart, for the heart...give it a listen, hope you like it.  -Bob

Brad Prevedoros

An exciting collection of Latin inspired music featuring nylon string guitar, percussion, bass, piano, mandolin and saxophone. Includes original music in the neo-Flamenco style as well as arrangements of popular compositions such as Girl From Ipanema, Manha De Carnaval, and Meditation. Carnaval is a compilation album consisting of selected pieces from Turn Of The Hand, Windows, Firedance, Look To The Sky and Chasing Time.

Brent and Woofy Homemade Re-Made

Brent's first CD featuring 13 songs. 13 original songs about growing, rainy days, flying unicorns and more! Plus 'Thank You Mr. D' a tribute to Mr. Dressup.

Brent Streeper
The Saltspring Sessions #1

Style: Vocal/Instrumental
Released: 2001
Producer: Dave Davies
Recorded: At GSC Records, Salt Spring Island, Canada
Label: GSC Records Inc.

xceptional Piano Playing, and a Beautiful Voice - one of 3 people that Frank Sinatra would allow to sing in his presence. Performed with Frank Sinatra, Dianne Carroll, Vic Damone, and was house pianist for Sonny Bono's nightclub

Brian Hazelbower One In A Million

See the Christmas Category to download Brian's Christmas Single (MP3)
'Merry Christmas Momma' for $2.99

Late in 2002 Brian decided it was time to finish something he had started some years earlier. Using some of his own works and some that were co-written with band mates Dave Studer and Ron Keck, he headed into Raincoast Studio. He was looking to for a Nashville meets Vancouver Island sound and by all accounts thus far, has succeeded.

Some of what people are saying:




One in a Million –“ I really enjoyed it, very professionally done, good job.”


“Bartender…totally… Rocks” ” I really like the way your band performs this. It's got a lot of variety, very well written ”


“This is fantastic, awesomely done, totally country, loved it. A thumbs up from me, oh and perfect country vocals”

You Gotta Love - “Very catchy and yet pulls at your heartstrings at the same time”

 “Softly Burning is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart...

When a song does that, to me it's a great song”

“Wow! I really like this. The story, the lyrics, the melodies, the arrangement, as well as the thought as the song ends. This is something that people will hear and think about when they listen.

Great piece of artistry.”


Bruce Kennedy

Very rare cd by Bruce Kennedy 'the Bus'. A short-lived life that has left a profound impact on original music. A Canadian Poet.