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Alison Humphries I Should Have Been Doing The Gardening

Recorded at Running Frog Music in Windsor and due for release at the end of November, this is Alison Humphries' debut solo CD, featuring some of her favourite comic songs, parodies and guitar instrumentals.

Produced by Alison Humphries
All tracks recorded, engineered and mixed by Neil Thom at Running Frog Music, Windsor except [Do You Love An Apple?] & [I Know Where I'm Going], recorded and engineered by Paul Castle at PDC Music, London. Mixed by John Davies and Paul Castle.

Alison Vardy

solo celtic harp

Allison Crowe
Lisa's Song + 6 Songs

Lisa's Song+ 6 Songs. Visit Lisa's Page to learn about Lisa, the inspiration for the first track on this disc. It was recorded live-off-the-floor in April 2003, by Rick Erickson, of Seacoast Sound in Victoria, B.C. The 6 songs that follow "Lisa's Song" were recorded live-off-the-floor one afternoon on two-track analog tape by Larry Anschell, at Turtle Studios in White Rock, B.C. The essential truth of this July 2001session (as the band was on its way to perform in Seattle, WA for Pearl "Jammers") has been captured in these live grooves. (NB there a two, earlier, variations of this disc ~ and which do not contain Lisa's Song ~ titled 6 Songs, and 6 Songs.

Andrea Smith Sweet Embrace

With the release of her newest cd 'Sweet Embrace' Andrea has experienced a surge in popularity and recognition for her songwriting skills, not to mention her fabulous vocal work on the album. The album features the best of west coast musicians including, Phil Dwyer, Pat Coleman, Ken Lister, Pat Steward, Dave Gogo, Todd Sacerty, Rick Salt, Miles Black and Tina Jones. With an indie label (www.RootCellarRecords.ca) and national distribution, this island girl is indeed on her way to great things.


"...A new bright light on the local music scene, Andrea Smith is a powerful and expressive vocalist as well as an excellent guitar player. Her original songs are catchy, rhythmic and very lyrically creative. To add to her talents she has a genuine magnetic personality and is a polished professional performer. I play her music regularly on my show as do others at CHLY here in Nanaimo. Andrea is on her way to great things musically."

B. Hazelbower Programmer CHLY Radio, Nanaimo

Anna Lyman
It's Lush

Anna Lyman is a jazz singer working on having an international career. Living on Texada Island, she performs locally in Powell River and commutes to Vancouver to perform and promote.

Anna is now receiving airplay on CBC and is working hard on airplay across the country. Her voice is lush with finely tuned dynamics and rhythmic sensuality. She actually lost her singing voice for a lengthy time due to a passing virus and had to undergo vocal therapy with Shelagh Davies in Vancouver, with great results.

Her first jazz CD "It's Lush" was released in Powell River Nov. 23, 2002 with Producer Rick Kilburn in attendance along with internationally renowned drummer, Keith Copeland and with local pianist and trumpet player Walter Martella.

Anna and Walter are available to be hired for local performances and are working on a festival tours over the summer. Anna gives guitar and singing lessons on Texada Island and teaches a combined voice/guitar accompaniement course in private lessons. The CD is available locally at River City and Paperworks

The MOST EXCITING NEW VOICE IN YEARS -- Anna has been described by Producer Rick Kilburn as "just like the old Masters", but wait -- no one sings like Anna: Her lush and sensual rhythms and genuine delivery touch her listeners to the HEARTBEAT.

Wow, what a voice! Anna has been described by renowned Jazz Drummer, Keith Copeland as a "tremendous talent". Juno Award winner Rick Kilburn described her vocal ability as "just like the old masters". But no one sings like Anna! With a distinct retro quality, Anna brings a new dimension to modern jazz vocals. Anna's lush vocals go straight to the heart whether she swings or broods over a ballad. She touches listeners to the HEARTBEAT.

There are a lot of singers out there, Shirley Horn, Blossom Dearie... (long list) Some of them have phrasing, some of them have tone, some can swing, YOU HAVE IT ALL! (Keith Copeland, 2003)

She is that rare creature -- a singer who is completely comfortable with her own voice and knows exactly what to do with it. Anna Lyman was born to a Latin American Father and a Scotch/Irish/English Mother in Michigan. She studied guitar and writes both vocal and instrumental music. One of her newest songs "If You'll Turn Back" appears on "It's Lush".

Being Latin, she also writes and performs a lot of Latin jazz. Club Audiences don't want to leave the club while she is singing! And she's visually appealing onstage... She commutes to performances from her home on a small island on British Columbia's West Coast in Canada, where the lonely beaches and tides serve as inspiration.

Becky Bernson Sagebrush and Lilies

When Becky Bernson died of cancer in February of 2000, the community and the world lost a great musician and creative spirit. Becky wrote songs that celebrated the natural world and our relationship with it, and with each other.

Becky's music is being preserved in "Ramblin' Woman", a book that includes all her songs and fiddle music. All this music will also be in a soon-to-be-released CD, which was recorded March 4, 2001 at the Victoria Folk Music Society Coffeehouse.

Songs included in both the songbook and CD are: Sagebrush and Lilies, Tree-Planting Song, Save a Piece of the World for Me, Willamette River Song, Munchkie Rag, Give Yourself Love, Reign of Love, Ramblin' Woman (Backpacking Shanty), Moss on the Ground, This Wild Land, Environmentalist's Shanty, Everything Gonna Be OK, Cowichan River Song, Lady of Light, Violet Jean Waltz, Song For Gordon, and Gaia's Grace.

Becky's original fiddle tunes included are: Denis Donnelly's Favourite, Gene's Rocky Mountain Hornpipe, Buttle Lake Paddle, Over the Glacier, The High Rocky Peaks, Genna's Jig, Wolf Island Waltz, Winter's Turning, and Dance of the Big Trees.

Betty Anderson For All You Are

recorded at Raincoast Studio

Beverley Ann McKeen On Purpose

Birgit Running With The Wolves

Contemporary Folk singer, Birgit writes songs that touch hearts and souls and she creates melodies that lift spirits. "Birgit's music is pure and honest and thankfully free from cynicism in a world that needs more hope. She writes songs that make you feel glad to be alive", says Juno Award nominee Mae Moore about Birgit's songs. Having starting singing and song writing, just a few short years ago, Birgit has come a long way in a very short time. A two time BC Festival of Arts delegate for songwriters "who show promise for a professional career", Birgit's recordings from her second CD "Running with the Wolves" are part of a soundtrack for a documentary film slated for the 2002 Sun Dance Film Festival. She was invited to sing back up by Chloe Goodchild, artist director of V-Day 2001, held in Madison Square Gardens, New York City. In March she opened for Juno Award Winner and International Recording Artist, Susan Aglukark at the West Coast Women's Music Festival. 

Quotable Quotes “Birgit’s voice touches a deep vein of longing and beauty for the inexpressible which arrests and nourishes the hearts of her listeners. Her singing brings healing balm to the hungry soul” - Chloe Goodchild, singer, musical director and producer Vday 2001, Madison Square Garden, N.Y. “Birgit’s music is pure and honest and thankfully free from cynicism in a world that needs more hope. She writes songs that make you feel glad to be alive.” - Mae Moore, singer, international recording artist and Juno award nominee “This girl has a deadly voice and a way with a lyric that is truly charming” - Ron Hynes, singer, international recording artist and East Coast Music award winner “Birgit’s music fills my space with love and joy” - Ann Mortifee, singer and officer of the Order of Canada “Birgit sings sweetly and plays with intensity. When she sings she opens herself right up. It’s quite awesome because she reveals what a lot of people are afraid to look at and does so with humor and aliveness. Her songs are very catchy and you find yourself humming them. They infiltrate your psyche” - Joanna Finch, music reviewer, The Voice Magazine

Bobbi Schram Terminal Station

Bobbi Schram is a singer/songwriter on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Bobbi's been writing, singing, playing piano and guitar for quite a number of years. Only in the past few years she has been playing for larger audiences.

Bobbi decided a couple of years ago to have some songs recorded, and went shopping for a studio. Raincoast Studio in Nanaimo was the one. Recording engineer Jerry Paquette took on the project, and now there is a full length cd with 14 of Bobbi's origional songs. Almost 2 years later!

Most are on piano, a few on guitar, some have violin, cello, and some percussion. Most are laid back, easy listening songs.

The title of the CD is actually a song within it.  "Terminal Station", is about a homeless man laying on a bench in the park out front of the main train station in Vancouver.

So, sit back and relax, hope you enjoy!