Auntie Kate
Food For Thought

& The Uncles of Funk







If Auntie Kate is the heart & soul of the band, then surely Uncle Tom, aka Tom Bowler, covers most of the other body parts. Guitarist, vocalist, song writer, producer, tour manager, you name it, Tom is probably doing it! Here are some other Uncles: Tommy Knowles, "Buffalo" Saunders, Brian Scott, on BASS; Daryll Havers, Robbie King, Brendan Hedley, Ron Casat, Graham Guest on KEYS; Loren Etkin, Phil Wipper, Joe Kovacs, Andresz Ryszka, Cory Papirny on DRUMS; Graham Howell, Brock Miller, Dave Babcock, Mike Clarke, Gene Hardy on SAX to name just a few.

Barry Newman







"Noontide" - a term used by German philospoher, Neitzche - with reference to the Apocalypse

This LP (now on CD from GrooveDigger Records - GDR22) was written and recorded by Barry Newman (publisher of Cosmic Debris Musicians Magazine) at Studio One, Vancouver, BC, in August, 1974. It is one of the province's first real "indie" recordings. Newman, who had previously performed in Victoria-based bands Pastime, As Sheriff and Buckeye, plays electric guitar, 12-string acoustic and sings most of the lead vocals.

The four members of Noontide, aged 18 to 21, packed a rented car with as much gear as they could squeeze in, and hopped the ferry to Vancouver to record the project in five days. During the evenings that week, Bryan Adams and John Booth were recording Sweeny Todd in the same studio (Booth now owns a record store in Courtenay and plays in a classic rock band called XLR8).

Some of the studio's commercial accounts (large department stores; there were only a couple of studios in BC at the time), kept interrupting the band's allotted daily sessions to fix up radio jingles, etc. So by late Friday afternoon, instead of having 40 hours to produce the album, only 17 hours had gone into recording the tracks... leaving only 90 minutes left to mix the entire album (other acts were booked with the studio and the band had just enough pesos left for the ferry ride back to the Island).

Considering the multi-tracking of the saxes (at times sounding like a blend of Glen Miller and Blodwyn Pig), this was quite a feat (single songs often take over 100 hours to produce). The studio's echo unit was being repaired, so reverb had to suffice in accenting the band's trademark "psychedelic" guitar/sax harmonies (more dramatic at their live shows).

Big Red Truck

Music and rhythm, slyly evocative lyrics and sweet vocals are what
drives the seven members of bigredtruck. Their sound is clean and
punchy, the rhythms are infectious and the stage show is filled
with energy and antics. In their secret laboratory in the Comox
Valley, b.r.t is busy infusing gypsy music with funk, reggae with
jazz and celtic with latin grooves. Musical innovation and the energy
of live performance is what keeps this band inspired.
Since bigredtruck's first show at the ValleyEdge Festival in the
late summer of 2001, fans of real live music have been treated to
some of the freshest, most energetic dance music the west coast
has to offer. From festivals to small town pubs, this band possesses
the musical skill and chemistry to drive any crowd to get out
of their seats and move to the rhythm.
Most of bigredtruck's material is hand crafted in the Comox Valley
while their cover songs range from Bob Marley to The Beatles to
Beethoven. Singer/songwriter Bobby Herron has been writing
and performing with bands like The B-Sides, Bob's Yer Uncle,
The Wingnuts and Millions of Brazilians in North America and
Europe for over a decade. bigredtruck's current songs are the result
of a long dedication to the art of writing and the craft of making

The Players

Bobby Herron - vocals, guitar
Meaghan Cursons - vocals, harmonica
Alan Jossul - guitars
Rachel Mooney - violin
Kevin McCann - bass
David Safford - drums
Brett Hearn - percussion

Brent Streeper
The Saltspring Sessions #1

Style: Vocal/Instrumental
Released: 2001
Producer: Dave Davies
Recorded: At GSC Records, Salt Spring Island, Canada
Label: GSC Records Inc.

xceptional Piano Playing, and a Beautiful Voice - one of 3 people that Frank Sinatra would allow to sing in his presence. Performed with Frank Sinatra, Dianne Carroll, Vic Damone, and was house pianist for Sonny Bono's nightclub

Burton Cummings Woman Love

CD (April 11, 2000)
Original Release Date: 1980


Digitally remastered reissue of the Guess Who vocalist's 1980 & fourth solo album with two bonus tracks added, 'Daddy's On The Road' & 'Vocals On The Boat'. 12 tracks total, also featuring the huge Canadian hit single 'Fine State Of Affairs'. The album was never released in the U.S. 1999 release.

Tough Monkey

if anyone has information about this Nanaimo Band please contact ric@cdisle.ca


Camille Miller SHE KNOWS

B.C. based Rock/Pop artist Camille Miller has signed a licensing with Synergy Records Inc. of Vancouver, BC Canada. The terms of the deal will allow Synergy Records to manufacture, market, and distribute her debut album "She Knows" worldwide. Synergy will market the album themselves in Canada, and will utilize it's partner labels for releases in other territories around the world.

Camille Miller was born in Germany, and was raised in Victoria, BC Canada. She has performed live for numerous years, and is an accomplished guitar player. She toured Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain for 10 months in 2000, which allowed her to write many songs for "She Knows". She recorded the album at Superpest Studio's in North Vancouver, BC Canada, and it was Produced by Doug Elliott (The ODDS). Musicians that lent their talent to the recording include Nick Haggar with Guitars/Keys, (Camille's co-writer for the album), Doug Elliot on Bass, Tina Jones with Background Vocals/Trumpet/Percussion, Craig Northey with Guitars/Background Vocals, and Pat Steward on Drums (Bryan Adams/Colin James).

Her sound has been compared to artists like Sheryl Crow, K.D. Lang and a female version of Crowded House. A prolific writer, Camille also wrote and recorded 4 songs for the L.A based Electronica group, "Balligomingo" and their album will be released worldwide on BMG/RCA in Jan 2002.

Carmen Hillary

features 6 songs
Artist Information

Carmen Hillary - Vocals/Piano
Tim O'Brien - BG Vocals/Guitar/Piano
Eric Tonning - Bass
Rob Gretsinger - Drums

Carmen Hillary's EP "CHAMELEON" (6songs) has definitely wetted the appetite of both industry professionals as well as the eagerly awaiting public. "Everyone's a Critic” just screams radio hit! I just don't understand why the heck she isn't already a nationally recognized singing phenomenon!" (Linton Valdock, Kenora Daily News).

Clearly in a base of solid Pop/Rock, her ethereal melodies and addictive musical hooks are peppered with electronic, symphonic and worldbeat undertones. "This talented up and coming singer/songwriter has a unique musical style that I would describe as a blend of Sarah McLachlan, Delerium and Enya - a Noir Magical genre" (Craig "Killer" Kincaid, The Wave 102.3).

"I was really impressed with Everyone's A Critic. Her voice sounds great and it has an excellent melody! A track like that should get a lot of commercial airplay." (Chris Logan, Owner - Logan's Bar).

Pleased to be generating her own audience independently thus far, it has been a busy summer. Carmen recently received a grant from FACTOR and has been touring all summer to promote Chameleon -also making television appearances on The New VI (CHUM), The Daily (Nanaimo), CH Channel 6, The Daily (Victoria). The next stop is The Western Canadian Music Festival, where she has been chosen to perform among other artists such as Kim Barlow, Jessie Farrell and Brundlefly. In past shows, Carmen has performed with ANET Ducharme, Trish Klein (of The Be Good Tanyas) and Vancouver based Hip Hop siren Kia Kadiri and in line-ups including Sarah Slean and Holly McNarland. Her song, "Memorial" is on the compilation album Secrets of the Universe that includes other top artists Morry Stearns and David Foster.

Victoria based with a four piece band, Carmen's inspiring songwriting is self-explorative and introspective. "Everyone is free to interpret my music however they want. My underlying motivation is to engage the listener is such a way that it awakens passion within them. We live in a world of over stimulation. We are for the most part told how to live and what to feel. If I can inspire someone through my music to live their life the way that they want to I've done my job."

Carmen Hillary was brought into the world by two very musical parents. Her Mother has stated that Carmen could sing before she could talk. How fitting that her name actually means “song”. Speaking of song, she wrote her first at age 7 and she has continued to write ever since. In High School, she was given the Department Award for Music and has already received accolades and label interest from Nettwerk, Virgin and The Music Publisher. Her Great Grandfather was Gitz Rice (famed Broadway composer) known for his performance during wartime. It was Christmas and as he and his fellow men started to sing Silent Night from inside the trenches, German soldiers from across the way joined in singing in their own language. Carmen feels that music is not just in her blood, but that is IS her blood. Her life dream.

Catch Penny 22

Catch Penny 22 has a new CD of Dance/Pop music.
Music by Mo Crossley
Lyrics and vocals by Elle Crossley
produced by Regan Myers, Wireworks Digital

Elle was born, and is now based, in Victoria, BC She has worked with various bands touring throughout Canada as well as overseas.

Chris Sherlock Call Me The Man