Brian Hazelbower

Brian Hazelbower
Back to the muse

Brian Hazelbower has refined his contemporary country sound with his second album 'Back to the muse'. Teaming up with accomplished musician, producer and award-winning composer Andrew Oye, the new album has been described as catchy, well crafted, and enjoyable original songs wrapped up in a well produced musical package.
Brian received a nomination for Male Vocal of The Year at the 2012 Vancouver Island Music Awards for Back to the muse. 7 of the 12 tracks were co-writes with some close friends as well as lyricists across Canada, the US and Australia. The first 10 tracks are what you expect to hear on top 40 country radio station. Sweet guitar hooks and the tasty tones intertwine with heartfelt, clever lyrics. There’s a slow driving alt rock tune ‘Long Long Way’ (which was originally titled ‘Back to the muse’) and the final cut is a ‘can’t get it out of your head’ kind of catchy rockin’ blues number that’s a tribute to the Harbour City and the music scene in Nanaimo where Brian lives on Vancouver Island.


Brian Hazelbower One In A Million

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Late in 2002 Brian decided it was time to finish something he had started some years earlier. Using some of his own works and some that were co-written with band mates Dave Studer and Ron Keck, he headed into Raincoast Studio. He was looking to for a Nashville meets Vancouver Island sound and by all accounts thus far, has succeeded.

Some of what people are saying:




One in a Million –“ I really enjoyed it, very professionally done, good job.”


“Bartender…totally… Rocks” ” I really like the way your band performs this. It's got a lot of variety, very well written ”


“This is fantastic, awesomely done, totally country, loved it. A thumbs up from me, oh and perfect country vocals”

You Gotta Love - “Very catchy and yet pulls at your heartstrings at the same time”

 “Softly Burning is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart...

When a song does that, to me it's a great song”

“Wow! I really like this. The story, the lyrics, the melodies, the arrangement, as well as the thought as the song ends. This is something that people will hear and think about when they listen.

Great piece of artistry.”