Elizabeth Ryan
Shake me A Martini







recorded at Raincoast Studio

Produced by J. Douglas Dodd

Musicians: Larry Miller,Robson Sutherland, Michael Wright

Elly Parker Elly

Elly Parker...and then some! Singer, songwriter, entertainer, storyteller, author, humanitarian and poet, Elly Parker has a natural talent for reaching into your soul and singing your song. Her love of family and zest for life is more than apparent in her songwriting. Elly’s self-titled CD offers the listener an amazing palette of musical stylings from blues, jazz, and gospel to hints of folk, country, and Celtic. Served up on one hot compact disc that only this woman can spin. Her radiant smile, playful nature, and sense of humor, has brought her audiences from Sheffield, England to New Orleans, Louisiana. Her powerful voice has been heard in night clubs, festivals and theatre productions. Elly is currently working on her second album entitled “Lavender Blue.”

Flora Scott
Then and Now

CD (March 1, 1999)
Original Release Date: March 1, 1999
'Then & Now' represents the span of time over which these tunes were composed. Some were written in the 1920's, 30's, 40's and 50's including an original song "Stay" by Flora herself.
Flora selected these tunes to record because she found the older jazz melodies particularly appealing while at the same time the lyrics are still effective and meaningful by today's standards.
Featuring Hugh Fraser and produced by Claire Lawrence with arrangements by Anita Bonkowski. Also appearing: Campbell Ryga, Ross Taggart, Brad Turner, Ken Lister, Dave Robbins, and Craig Scott.

Produced by Claire Lawrence and Hugh Fraser

Arrangements - Anita Bonkowski
Recorded in 1998 at Blue Wave Productions Limited,
Vancouver, B.C.
Engineering & mixing - Perry Barret
Mixing on "East of the Sun" and "I've got it Bad"
by Blair Calibaba
Assistant engineer - Matt Martiensson
Mastered by Craig Waddell

Cover photo by Rob Destrube at Destrube Photography, Victoria, B.C.
Photo of Craig Scott by Tom Siddal
All other photos by Erhard Laslo, Victoria, B.C.
Graphics by Ajana, Media Magic, Victoria, B.C.


Flora Scott - guitar, vocals
Hugh Fraser - trombone, piano
Campbell Ryga - alto and soprano sax
Ross Taggart - piano, tenor sax
Brad Turner - trumpet, flugel horn, piano
Ken Lister - bass
Dave Robbins - drums
Craig Scott - drums

Gordon Clements
Mingus, Mancini & Us

" I am going to play the truth of what I am." Charles Mingus

The ensemble is essentially a working trio (Rob, Clint, and I) which has been augmented with a guest (first Lou and then Louise). I didn't start out with the intention of playing so many instruments but as the arrangements came together it seemed to make sense. The tunes, a mixture of originals and standards, also suggested themselves as we began to discuss the recording.

I have worked regularly with Rob Cheramy for many years. His playing and writing have been a constant source of inspiration not only for me but for musicians throughout the western Canadian jazz community.

Someone once said old musicians need to work as often as possible with young musicians. I don't think I quite qualify as old but Clint Ryder certainly qualifies as young. He is perhaps the most serious 22 year old I know and is definitely one of the finest bass players I've worked with.

Lou Williamson is both a great percussionist and a great friend. The role of the drums on this date was very delicate. Everything was to be recorded live off the floor so Lou had to provide energy without being too strong. As usual his playing was perfect.

You can never do as much as you like on a project like this so early on I began to imagine the next one. Our moments in the studio with Louise Rose were like a wonderful dream which ended too soon. I am already looking forward to the next opportunity.

Louise's strength, both musical and personal, is well known. We recorded Dreamsville twice. Both versions can only be described as magical and it was the clock that decided which one we used.

Paul Horn is a legend. His incredibly vast experience in all aspects of the music business make him the kind of producer anyone would love to have. I can't thank him enough for all the help, inspiration, and friendship that he freely gave all of us.

GORDON CLEMENTS soprano & alto sax, clarinet & bass clarinet, flute
CLINT RYDER contrabass
LOU WILLIAMSON drums & vibes
LOUISE ROSE piano & voice

Recorded October 1997, Seacost Sound, Victoria, BC
Produced by PAUL HORN
Recorded and mixed by BOB BENSON
Assistant engineer JESSE BANNERMAN
Original artwork by ROBERT AMOS
Photography by ART TURENNE

Harmonic Hatchery Band Leave It All To The Music

Jazz, funk, and more in an album that is ostensibly "for kids", but who's to say what "kids" are, anyway......?

Music and Lyrics by jazz pianist Ron Hadley (ASCAP)


Ron Hadley: piano, all instruments (in real time via midi keyboard), sound samples & voice; Sue Klassen: voice; Gail Heavilin: voice; Jim Cameron: tenor & baritone saxophones; Jack Carder: trumpet & flugabone; Bob Neale: bass; Ray Brunelle: drums

Copyright 2001 by Ron Hadley

All Rights Reserved

Ian McDougall Quartet
The Warmth of the Horn

Concord Records
"There's something about the West Coast that coddles its musicians, keeps them dry despite torrential downpours, keeps them warm despite the damp, keeps them, period. Like the quartet you are listening to. They are all top flight Canadian musicians, yet they have resisted the siren call 'Go East, young man' that is supposed to be the only way to make it in the music business...The mixture here is a blend of originals – one each from Ian, Ron and Oliver – plus three rarely heard specialties and five standards."
With Ian McDougall - trombone, Ron Johnston - piano, Oliver Gannon - guitar, Torben

Ingrid Jensen
Vernal Fields

Ingrid Jensen?s first album, Vernal Fields, won Canada's Juno Award as "Best Mainstream Album of 1995".

Jeff Agopsowicz
Silent Partner

An exciting recording by this Victoria-based trombonist. 10 original arrangements by Jeff Agopsowicz and Bruce Hurn.
With Jeff Agopsowicz - trombone, Bruce Hurn - trumpet, Ross Taggart - piano, Mike Herriott - Bass, Bernie Arai - drums, Sandy Gordon - alto sax.

Joanna Finch
In The Arms Of Morpheus

Joanna 's debut solo CD

Joanna Finch is a uniquely entertaining singer/songwriter who swings smoothly between jazz/blues and original, contemporary folk. Her songs have been described as tender, biting, quirky and sensual. Her voice conveys spine tingling emotion and she is renowned for her captivating stage presence. Joanna's influences are as divergent as her writing style with comparisons made to Jane Siberry, Cole Porter and Tom Waits. 

Joanna's debut solo CD 'In The Arms of Morpheus' is out and running along side some of Western Canada's most celebrated musicians including Juno Award winners, Zubot and Dawson, Buff Allen, Ken Lister, Miles Black, John Reischman, Ron Thompson, Blackie Du Bois and producer, guest guitarist Pat Coleman. Previous recordings include two CDs with her folk partner, Judy Norbury of Norbury & Finch 'Tease For Two', (2000); 'Circular Motion' EP,(2004) and three compilation CDs,Peace, a compilation of poems stories and songs from Saltspring Island, (2004) 'Rhythm and Green' The Cumberland Musicians Collective,(2002) and The Jewels of The Island, (2001) under the Highland Music label.

pianist Miles Black www.milesblack.com
Zubot and Dawson www.zubotanddawson.com/
drummer Buff Allen http://homepage.mac.com/buff_allen/home.html
mandolinist John Reishman www.johnreischman.com
bass player Ken Lister www.kenlister.com
producer, guitarist Pat Coleman www.roadhouserecords.ca

Kevin Hicks
Life and the Drum

...the Road Back Home

I was born in Ottawa, Canada, and moved to Nanaimo British Columbia, a small community on Vancouver Island, Canada, when I was 3. This also happens to be where jazz great Diana Krall went to school.

Being a member of a musical family, my dad and older brother Billy both played drums. I started playing drums in elementary school. Playing the drums became an obsession when I entered high school. Since the age of 14, I had been asked to play with some of the local blues musicians. Because these opportunities to play were in bars, I was asked to spend my breaks in the back hallways. As long as I promised to attend school the next day my mother allowed me to play these gigs. Keep in mind that the city of Nanaimo has a very low crime rate and I am sure that was a key factor in my mom's decision to let me follow my dream of being a musician.

By the age 16, jazz music had found a place in my heart. It was then that my high school band went to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho. All of my practice and dedication gained me the attention of Wally "Gator" Watson, drummer for Lionel Hampton.

Our friendship remained solid over the next few years as I ran into some serious personal problems. Through these dire times, I constantly found peace in music.

Still tarnished by the past, I began to travel the world, finding more than what I was looking for. In honor of my savior, I spent the turn of the millennium in Bethlehem, Israel. That trip came to a close as I journeyed up through Turkey in order to buy some priceless cymbals.

With my spirit back intact, and the cymbals from Istanbul, I was ready to play again.